Goa Trip - Ultimate Tips – 2022

Goa Trip – Ultimate Tips – 2022

Goa Trip – Ultimate Tips – 2022


Goa Trip, most people think that going to Goa is like burning money. Well, that’s true certainly but if you love life hacks then you can enjoy Goa by spending very little.

My main objective in writing this article is to share real experiences with you being a Goan so that one can travel to Goa in the most cost-effective method.

Well, before continuing further, please note any suggestions/inclusions are welcomed to this article below in the comments section.

I have tried to add every small and important things carefully that can help anyone to plan their trip accordingly.

Tips for Goa Trip


Goa Trip - Ultimate Tips – 2022

Travel Bookings

Tickets— book your tickets in advance if you are going via air, by train or even by bus.

The Dabolim Airport is located at Vasco approximately 29 km.

In case you are travelling by train then Margao railway station to Colva beach is about 6 km.

The Bus stand is also in Margao about the same distance of 6 km.


Packing – Goa Trip

Most important – Camera – In case you don’t have a good quality phone camera, there is a lot to capture, but you need a good one to capture those.

Carry your driving license and a few Id proofs. Goa is the only state that gives bikes on hire to roam anywhere around Goa.

Earphones – so that you can enjoy listening to music during the entire travel or at beaches or in your free time.

Carry your Shades/Goggles – This is important to travel from one place to another especially in the hot summer.

Essential-carry an umbrella you might need it as Goa is very sunny and hot climate usually also take sleepers 2–3 pairs with you as extra just as precautionary measures.

You gonna need a lot of sunscreen and body lotions.

Swimwear – For swimming at the beach or in your hotel swimming pool it is a must to carry one of these.

Clothes— buy summer clothes only and if you want to roam near to the beach, carry shorts or 3/4th or one-piece for Girls up to knee length.

Carry your own sheets to enjoy the sunset near the beach.


How to Stay in Goa – Goa Trip

You can stay in hostels or you can book rooms in hotels or rent a home/villa for a few days. Flats and villas provide cooking facilities.


Food & Restaurants – Goa Trip


Goa Trip - Ultimate Tips – 2022Martins Corner

Food: mostly Seafood for Non-veg there are more options than Veg. Shack are beautiful and you can enjoy food with waves & Alcohol. Do not miss to visit the Martin’s Corner.


Ideal Months to Travel to Goa

Travelling from November to March it’s the best time.


How to travel locally in Goa

Rental Bikes/Cab – If you want to travel around Goa always go for the rental, it’s cheap and affordable and can roam as per your plan.

It’s advisable to rent a scooter in Goa that will work as a cherry on the Cake, it would cost you near about 500–1200 bucks per day.

As transportations are very costly because Goa generates revenue from tourism or Goa Miles but you can’t rely on it.


Tips While Travelling to Goa

The Do’s and Dont’s

Never take keys on the Beaches, once you lose it you will be in huge trouble.

Hand over the keys to any beach hotel waiter, he will take care of it for just 50-100 bucks.

Keep sealed plastic pouches from saving mobile/wallet from getting wet. I have seen people losing expensive mobiles in the water.

This is a must – use a GPS to Navigate around in Goa.

Always ask for the price when buying from street vendors and bargain.

Try to avoid going to Goa during long weekends or special holidays as the beaches get too crowded.

Do not carry too many things while you visit places.

Spend some time under the stars on the beach listening to the waves, make the best out of those few days.

One must explore the Churches, the forts depicting the Portuguese culture and then above all the Beaches.

A casino is also a must-try one covering this journey.

Carrying certain drugs or illegal alcohols stuff may cause you trouble.

In case you are travelling to Goa, make sure to bring back these souvenirs from the beach capital of the Indian subcontinent

You can also source the best of gifts for relatives, friends and those who are far from travelling to Goa. A well-chosen gift speaks volumes of how you care about them in your travel days!

The best time you can see the beauty and the nature of Goa is at sunset and sunrise.

Choose a good lodge for a night stay, prefer to stay near the beaches with a balcony view. The most suggested beach is the Palolem beach which provides this kind of lodging.


Shopping in Goa

The weekend flea markets in Anjuna is one of the biggest in the country.

Pro-tip to be a winner at the night markets: always check the product before buying.


What to Explore in Goa

South Beaches – Colva beach, Palolem beach, Butterfly beach, Patnem beach, Galgibaga beach

North Beaches Anjuna beach, Arambol beach, Calangute beach, Baga beach

Historical PlacesAdil Shah Palace Gateway, Cabo de Rama Fort

Churches – Old Goa churches

TemplesTemple Chandreshwar Bhootnath, the Bubble lake, Tambdi Surla Temple 


Explore Local Villages

Do visit Villages, it will fill you with a richness of the Portuguese culture for exotic Scenery be a part of a cruise, have sea sports scuba diving (green Island)


Goa Feni – Taste the Thunder

The local moonshine of Goa, brewed from cashew or palm trees, Feni is a sure winner for every discerning traveller.

I suggest drinking responsibly and staying away from driving once you are wasted!

Feni is sold in the street-side stalls as well as in the supermarkets that team up a pretty looking doll with a cane basket with a tiny bottle of Feni. The art of packaging is superlative!


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