Paroda Waterfalls | Explore Paroda Goa – a Hidden Treasure

Paroda Waterfalls | Explore Paroda Goa – a Hidden Treasure

Paroda Waterfalls | Explore Paroda Goa – a Hidden Treasure


Paroda Waterfalls is a hidden treasure explored now, a must-visit trekking cum partying spot for the locals of Goa.

The spot is located just before the well known Bhootnath temple when coming from Margoa. Kindly watch the video for locating the beautiful lush green cool and perfect family outing spot.


My visit to this spot was in October when the rains in Goa had already stopped, meaning the waterfall is just not happening because of rains but natural spring water which is coming within the rocks.

The clean crystal water flowing and bouncing down along the small and narrow river is simply mind-blowing. It created a perfect ambience to relax, sit back and enjoy the serenity it provides.

The water flow was clean and extremely cool which meant it was a little difficult to take it on the body as many amongst us felt it on that day.

Location – Paroda Waterfalls

The distance from Margao via Kepem highway is just about 12 km. The road leading through the village is a little Humpty Dumpy hence one needs to take precautions.

Parking Place – Paroda Waterfalls

One cannot find a proper parking place especially for 4 wheelers therefore, 2 wheelers are more suitable to travel.

After the parking area, one needs to walk towards the forestry hill along with the water flow for about 10min.which will lead up to the waterfall.

All along the way to the waterfalls, one needs to be careful due to slippery rocks and sharp edges, therefore the location is not recommended for weak and aged people.

Paroda Waterfalls | Explore Paroda Goa – a Hidden Treasure



An ideal place for teenagers particularly as one can spend the entire day relaxing and partying since the place is cool and the constant water noises give a pleasant sound for the ears.

The natural white noise of water flowing which blocks out all the other sounds simply calms down your nerves and rejuvenates your soul at the same time.

A perfect location for photo shoots and reels.

Paroda Waterfalls | Explore Paroda Goa – a Hidden Treasure


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