Arambol Beach - Sweet Lake - Goa India

Arambol Beach – Sweet Lake – Goa India


Arambol Beach View
Arambol Beach View



Arambol Beach  –  Among the top beach in Goa


 Arambol beach is certainly among the top beach in Goa that lies in Pernem North Goa, a wide and long beach bordering Mandrem Beach and Keri Beach on both sides.

To sum up, it’s a rocky cum sandy beach relatively unexplored by tourists more serene, calm, and peaceful. Arambol Beach  –  Sweet Lake fringed by swaying palm and coconut trees. There are comfortable shacks offering a wide variety of refreshments including local tender coconuts.




Firstly, Arambol Beach is located at a distance of about 55 km from Panaji and about 80 km from Margao, and 30 km from Anjuna Beach.



Arambol Beach  –  Sweet Lake – Goa India




Certainly, parking place is not easy to find there since the road is narrow, but just about 5 mins away there is a pay parking facility available for Approximately Rs.100 without any time limit.


Moreover, Arambol is mainly a fisherman’s village that falls within the Pernem administrative region. The beach attracts many international tourists, mainly during the peak season from November to March.

On the other hand, Arambol beach is also famous for the sweet water lagoon or lake that is just at the adjacent which is also known as the Kalacha Beach.

It’s a walkable distance to the Sweet Lake Lagoon, on the way you can see some of the most beautiful photogenic rocks. The water is calm and quite clean.


Is Arambol Beach safe?


To mention the least, Arambol Beach is safe, or for that matter any of the beaches in Goa are safe. You will find that all the beaches in Goa are safely guarded by lifeguards and also, you can see that a lifeguard vehicle will pass by to check on the tourists.





Can you swim in Goa Beaches?


Certainly, you can swim on all the beaches but within the requirements, if you happen to cross the limits since the water is getting shallow down there then the lifeguards (Drishti Marine) will whistle and ask you to come towards the safety side.

There are red flags put up at all the beaches in Goa which means the area is not safe for swimming. The team of lifeguards present along the beaches constantly monitor the weather conditions hence even wading in this area is forbidden.


Are the beaches closed in Goa?


The beaches were never closed they were always open just the shacks were closed. The good news from the tourism department is that the shacks will be open by December. On the North side, the shacks are already opened.


Are Goa beaches closed during the monsoon?


Due to the monsoon in the month of June to August – September each year the beaches are kept closed for tourists since the water level rises and for fishing, the fishing travelers are banned when the weather forecast is rough.


Is Goa safe for tourists?


Goa is the safest place if you ask me, even at night. You can freely move around without any restrictions. At most locations you see the police patrolling and police vehicles moving around even inside the villages.





Arambol Beach  –  Sweet Lake – Goa India


Is it safe to travel to Goa due to rains?


The rains in Goa are at times very heavy so traveling is a bit unsafe. Therefore, most of the areas get flooded and the roads get damaged with potholes everywhere hence driving is not safe. So for tourists, it is not recommended to visit Goa from the month of June to August.


Which month do foreigners visit Goa?


The best time to visit Goa is from November to March as the weather is pleasant, cool, and comfortable. Normally the charter flights start and the flow of foreigners keeps increasing. These months you have the beaches crowded with a mixed crowd of local tourists and foreign tourists. Hence, this period makes a perfect time to relax and enjoy the holidays.


The best week to visit Goa is during the Christmas season until the New Year. Christmas and New Year have celebrated in grand style in Goa even the Bollywood stars visit Goa during this period. I highly recommend this week to visit Goa.


Where do most foreigners stay in Goa?


Many foreigners have settled down in Goa for good. The cheap foreigners known as the backpackers are found mostly in  Anjuna,  Baga, and   Palolem Beach.



Is Goa costly in December?


There is a rush in December and most of the hotels are fully booked well in advance until the New Year. The hotel rates are increased tremendously or for that matter, almost everything gets costly at this period of time.


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