Butterfly Beach - How to Reach Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach – How to Reach Butterfly Beach

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It’s not a beach it’s a heaven on earth it’s a Gem in Goa, it’s a lovely beach with clean blue water That’s Goa Beach the Butterfly beach. You will surely be amazed to see the calmness, serenity, and peacefulness there. It’s a secluded beach but tourists throng there from other beaches in boats.

Goa - Butterfly Beach


I would call it a hidden land of adventure a beach worth exploring. Watch the Dolphin Sightings, Species of butterflies, goldfish, crabs, and the beautiful sun setting.

Takes an effort to reach but once you are there it is worth the effort, therefore go for it go Goa go.

How to reach there? Firstly, forget about going by car because to reach the beach some trekking is required, I would call it mini trekking. Since the beach is small and you have to pass through man-made kind of narrow or bushy road. I would say a mini jungle trekking.

Therefore, there is no proper road available presently after the main highway road. Firstly, the road leading to the beach is narrow and dense sand and rocks/stones up to the beach.

In case you are planning to go by car, you will have to park the car somewhere in between and then walk a distance of about 30 min.

The second option is or I should mention the preferred way is to take a ferry/boat ride from Palolem or Agonda beach

It’s a private kind of beach in a shape of a Butterfly hence, named after a Butterfly it’s a very photogenic beach.


Goa Beach

Make Your Trip Safe The Right Way – Butterfly Beach

Carry along all your basic requirements since there is nothing available on the way, not even water as there are no shops and no shacks on the beach. If you have small kids along then you should avoid visiting this beach by trekking due to the traveling hazards.

Also, I would highly recommend not to visit this beach during the monsoon seasons since it is a forested area and it would be a very thickly area during the rains and smudgy as well.

There is a boat service also available from Palolem beachor from Agonda beach, they charge between Rs. 500-1000 per head. The boat ride is worth taking if you want to watch the Dolphins jumping on the way. Very close to Butterfly beach lies Honeymoon beach commonly meant for lovers. And if you desire you can also visit the Agonda Beach


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Watch The Video For More Details

I began my journey on my bike fromMargao (South Goa) via national highway number 66, way to Karwar. On my way, first I reached

Cuncolim and then to Canacona and proceeded towards Palolem side. The distance from Margao to Butterfly beach is about 36 km.

Explore the other nearest attractions once you are in there

Agonda Beach

Palolem Beach

Galji baga beach

Congo Island

Leopard Valley

Cola Beach

Betul Beach

Kakolem Beach 


Butterfly Beach
Butterfly Beach – Areal View



  • Carry own tent
  • Ensure you have with you 4-5 liters of water
  • Make sure you have enough food as there are no shops around as it is a dense area Carry extra clothes

******Learning few Konkani Words helps a lot when in Goa. *******


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