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Pebble Beach | Goa Pebble Beach – 2023

Pebble Beach | Goa Pebble Beach – 2023

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Pebble Beach is a serene beauty with micro to massive sized pebbles and cut rocks. These beaches have their own charm because they are not sandy but rocks and rocky beaches.

Pebble Beach has unique and perfect panoramic view from the top of the hill. In other words an extensive view that will literarily blow your mind off because of its own charm.

The trip to these location can be risky at times as it has a very steep way down to the beach. Therefore, not recommended for kids and elderly family members.


Pebble Beach | Goa Pebble Beach – 2022

Pebble Beach -The Main Beach

Mind you two Pebble beaches are attracting the tourists within the Cabo De Rama fort.

Location – Pebble Beach – No.1

The beach is located inside the famous Cabo De Rama fort at Canacona which is about an hour travelling from Margao.

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Upon reaching the fort and upon entering one can see the St. Anthony chapel.

Now, head straight towards the pathway going to south side.

And then look for a small trail that was built by the Portuguese centuries ago when ruling Goa.

As you enter the small trail you gonna get an awesome view of the beach from the top with tall coconut trees swaying.

To make oneself comfortable after a tiresome drive you will find the makeshift Pebble Point store (Snacks Shop) where one can freshen up enjoying the fresh air by sipping tender coconut water.

Shady Place

One can spend the entire day here on the pebbles cum rocky beach by just sitting and watching the beach milky water gushing onto the rocks.

Note down, this beach is not suitable for bathing because there are many rocks. Goa beaches are famous for white sands but these beaches are famous for pebbles and cut rocks.

Ideal place for a full-day family outings and super-duper photo-shoots to capture.

Location – Pebble Beach – No. 2

After spending a few hours on Pebble beach No. 1, under the shady coconut trees and upon reaching the exit point head towards the west side and walk straight for about 5-10 min.

Focus at the left side for another small man-made kinda trail that will take you straight to the Pebble beach no.2.

Take a break in the way down and capture photos and memories.


Pebble Beach | Goa Pebble Beach – 2022


One has to walk through the bushes and narrow lanes after entering for about 5 min. The approach is a bit weird and unsafe.

Certainly an offbeat place but worth the trekking to explore the Pebble beach that is hardly explored yet by many due to its un-proper route.

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It’s a small beach of pebbles and good solid rocks ideally for photo-shoots that can certainly boost any photos.

A must-visit beach if you are a lover of photography.

I will not recommend this beach for families with kids and elderly family members as the route going down to the beach are very steep and unsafe.

I recommend this beach for youths who are interested in trekking and exploring the rocks or in other words to simply admire the beauty of the sea and the cliffs around.

Therefore, do not visit this beach during the noontime as one can get easily dehydrated, hence, recommended to carry enough water.


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