Temple Chandreshwar Bhootnath | Oldest Temple – Paroda Goa

Temple Chandreshwar Bhootnath | Oldest Temple – Paroda Goa

Temple Chandreshwar Bhootnath | Oldest Temple – Paroda Goa

Temple Chandreshwar Bhootnath, one of Goa’s oldest temples and a historical temple located in the southern part of Goa.

As per the ancient Sanscript inscription, this temple has stood on this spot for nearly 2500 years. This temple has undergone renovations a few times and the present place is dedicated to Lord Shiva means Lord of the Ghosts dating from the late 1600 years.

Chandrapur then today’s Chandor which was once Goa’s capital is about 10km distance from this temple.

Temple Chandreshwar Bhootnath | Oldest Temple – Paroda Goa

Shankh Bhairav Prastan – Shankh Bhairav Temple

Little ahead after crossing the road about a minute ride you will see the Shankh Bhairav Prastan temple. Upon reaching there I found the temple doors closed.

I enquired with the villagers to gather some information and I was told that the temple opens only for morning and evening Pooja.

Shankh Bhairav is worshipped in the form of a Shivalinga.

From this temple, the main hilltop journey begins.

Just before approaching the main temple one can visit the 2nd part of the Bhootnath temple. The area is well designated with proper parking areas.

There is a building or I would say a resting place of the temple for the devotees to stay and take their meals in case one wishes to do so.

There is also a recently constructed wedding hall which one can see here in the video.



Two small temples and a holy pond are also present there the two temples are dedicated to Kaal Bhairav and Siddha Bhairav.

The Thirtha is called Kamandalu Thirtha.

From here the climbing journey to reach the main Chandreshwar Bhootnath temple actually begins. One can climb the granite stone kind steps which are around 400 plus steps leading 

up to the temple.

Or the other alternative option is to drive via the road where proper four and two-wheeler parking slots are designated.

Main Celebrations – Temple Chandreshwar Bhootnath


Hanuman Jayanti, Dushera and Mahashivratri are the main festivals celebrated. Mahashivratri means the great night which normally falls around in February or in March.

Every Monday evening a Palanquin procession of the deity is taken out offering food to the devotees.

The meaning of Chandreshwar is Chandra or Moon which is another name of Lord Shiva.

Before the rule or before conquering Goa by the Portuguese the Bhoja Kings ruled Goa until the middle of the 8th century, therefore, the temple was assigned to Bhoja king Chandravaman.

The Bhoja kings prayed to the patron deity Chandreshwar which made them name their capital city Chandrapur.


Temple Chandreshwar Bhootnath | Oldest Temple – Paroda Goa

The Portuguese Named Chandor


The Portuguese after conquering Goa later changed it to Chandor which is the present name.

The temple can be viewed minutely from the main road as it is exactly on the top of the hill. The exact height is not known but it is assumed to be more than 350mtrs.

From any distance approaching the location, one can see the flag on the top of the hill from the main road.

The entire drive leading up to the temple is isolated and hence one is not advised to go alone.

The Bhootnath Chandreshwar Temple – The Main Temple


Upon reaching the parking lot, one needs to climb another 60-70 steps to reach the entrance. Also, one can find the necessary compliances to follow, for example, removal of sleepers/shoes and dedicated areas.

The foundation stone for the beautification of this temple was laid by Hon’ble Tourism Minister Shri Nilesh Cabral in the year 2016.

Monkeys were seen all over the temple and seemed very friendly too.

As one steps inside the temple can find a woman selling the necessary Pooja materials.

The main temple is made of stones. Inside the mandapa there is a Palki lying, Palki procession is taken out every Monday evening.

The main Shivalinga is kept covered and next to it murtis of Mahalakshmi, Navadurga, Vishnu and Ganapati are kept.

The Bhoja Kings Ruled South Goa


It is believed by scholars that Shri Chandranath was worshipped by the Bhoja rulers of South Goa during the early centuries of the common era.

The sanctum of this temple is a beautiful rock-cut cave that houses the Shivalinga. As per the common belief, the moon’s rays fall directly on the Linga on every full moon day.

Bhairav Temple – Shape of Linga


Midway about 170 steps climbing, I came across another Bhairave temple which is kept open with just a canopy on top. Watch the video for more details.


Locally this ancient temple which is located on a relatively high gradient around 350 meters top is called ‘Parvat temple’ or Chandreshwar Parvat. Parvat means mountain in Konkani.


Temple Chandreshwar Bhootnath | Oldest Temple – Paroda Goa

Location – Temple Chandreshwar Bhootnath


This ancient temple the Chandreshwar or Chandranath temple is located via Kepem road around 13km from Margao via SH 8.

Right at the main road, one can see the entrance arch of Chandreshwar temple and the road leading to the top of the hill.

The access to the temple is easy and comfortable hence one can drive or ride up to the temple without any hindrance as the road is simply perfect.

Memorable Visit – Temple Chandreshwar Bhootnath


The curvy, cool and shady forestry road made my drive simply the most enjoyable and memorable one.

One very special thing I observed is whilst coming back I drove on my bike on neutral that is without starting the bike and that two on pillion rider for about 10mins drive down to the village road hence one can imagine the steep slope.

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