The Mystery Of Three Kings Church

The Mystery Of Three Kings Church – Goamygoa

The Mystery Of Three Kings Church

Religious place a set part of the Christian church – Three Kings Church
The Mystery of Three Kings Church is located in a village called Cansaulim nearly 10 km from Margao.  On January 6th the feast of 3 Kings is celebrated with great pomp. 

Three young boys are selected for the role of three kings, their names need to be registered with the local Panchayat. Therefore, the Panchayat will do the selection part. Certainly, the child has to be originally from the village itself. 

The walk-down ceremony starts from the village near the church. Similarly, as a result, they travel on horseback. That is to say, they cover some miles of distance each following a different path, and finally meet at a place. 
It has been said, the feast activities are supposedly ended before 6 pm out of fear of the so-called ghosts. It’s an alone church situated at the top of a hill called Cuelim, in Cansaulim in South Goa.

The Mystery Of Three Kings Church

What is the mystery of 3 Kings Church?


It is commonly known as the most popular haunted place in Goa. The church is named after the 3 scholar kings who went to visit Lord Jesus at the time of his birth in Bethlehem.

Moreover, the church is always known as the most haunted place because it seems there were 3 kings who once ruled the land. Greed for power, one of them poisoned and killed the other two.

This made his people very angry who turned against the king. Unhappy by his deeds the king committed suicide by consuming poison. It has been said the bodies of these 3 kings are buried under the church. hence their spirits roam around the church.

Is Three Kings Church Really a Haunted Place?

Well, the ghost story runs for ages and still does. The real fact is, the visitors are always in doubt whether to enter the place or not. 

Therefore, whoever visits this church is told to vacate the place before the sunsets. The church celebrations are held every Sunday as usual. 
Moreover, the place gives a scenic view from the top. This church is surrounded by a forest from all sides with houses around. So, a wonderful panoramic view from the top of Three Kings Church.

The Mystery Of Three Kings Church


Watch this video to get a great glimpse from the top


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  1. Hi,
    I had visited the chapel with my family around two years ago. We ensured that we left the place before 7:00 P.M.

    It looks scary as you think about its history. The view is good from atop. Great place to be in there.

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