The Hidden Beach – Siridao Beach Goa 2021

The Hidden Beach – Siridao Beach Goa 2023

Siridao Beach Goa – Explore Goa


Siridao beach Goa – Explore Goa is located in the North Goa district. As you enter Siridao little ahead you can find the three stones carved statues playing instruments with a dog.

The village and the beach are also known as Shiridao, Shirdona, or Xiddona locally.


The Hidden Beach – Siridao Beach Goa 2021


Jesus of Nazareth Chapel

As you move on a little ahead on the hilltop you will reach the chapel of Jesus of Nazareth. The feast of this chapel is celebrated annually on the Sunday following Easter.

 The feast is commonly known as Pejechem fest (Meaning Kanji feast) where Kanji is distributed to devotees freely.

Unusual dome-shaped structure perched on the edge of a hillock from where you can have a beautiful .majestic view of the beach. Perfect place for lovely photo shoots. An awesome and serene location a great place to spend quiet evening waves and then the sunset setting down.

The Hidden Beach – Siridao Beach Goa 2021

Siridao or Shirdona Beach

The beach is a less explored or less populated beach due to coarse sand and rocks and not suitable for bathing.

There are no shacks, sunbeds, or any water sports available. This beach is more popular with locals than tourists as there are hardly any people on the beach.

Goa – Siridao Beach Shell Collections

All along the beach, you can find boats that are used by the local fishing community. You might find some unique shells as it is famous for “Shell Collections” also lookout for a wide range of Oysters and Pearl Shells. Heavenly view of the Zuari river from the tiny hillock

You can chill out on the beach for a short period as there is hardly anything to expect. But just worth waiting to see the sun setting which is just mesmerizing. 

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The public buses are plying up to the main road thereafter one needs to walk through the village to reach the beach and the chapel.

Distance from Panjim & Margao – Siridao Beach Location

Watch The Video For More Details:


From Panjim the distance is approximately 9km & from Margao it is 27km

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