Hidden Beaches in South Goa

Hidden Beaches in South Goa | 5 Unexplored Beaches in South Goa


Hi, Welcome to the peaceful and hidden beaches in South Goa where one can find hidden beaches that are like secret treasures waiting to be found. These beaches are not crowded with lots of people like some others. Instead, they are quiet and calm, perfect for anyone who wants to be alone or enjoy some quiet time. Imagine beaches with clear water, tall trees, and even some hidden spots among big rocks.

These secret beaches in South Goa are like a special escape from everyday life. Come along as we explore these amazing places and discover their beauty and magic.

Goa is full of surprises, like a big treasure chest waiting to be opened. It’s famous for its beaches that people from all over the world love to visit.

But guess what? There are also lots of amazing South Beaches in Goa that not many people know about. Let’s go on an adventure and discover some of these beautiful hidden beaches together. They’re like secret gems just waiting for us to find them. It’s going to be so much fun exploring these little pieces of paradise.

Here we go, let’s explore the hidden beaches in south Goa one by one:


  1. Butterfly Beach – Transform Your Butterfly Beach Goa Adventure into an Unforgettable Experience – A Journey Worth Every Moment


Butterfly Beach in Goa is like a magical place. It’s not just a beach; it’s like heaven on earth. The water there is so clean and blue, and the beach is so peaceful and quiet. Even though it’s a hidden spot, many tourists come there on boats from other beaches.

It’s like a secret adventure land waiting to be explored. You can see dolphins, different kinds of butterflies, goldfish, crabs, and a beautiful sunset.

Getting there is a bit tricky. You can’t go by car because the road is narrow and rocky. It’s like going on a little jungle adventure. So, the best way is to take a boat from Palolem or Agonda Beach.

The beach is shaped like a butterfly, and it’s so pretty that it’s perfect for taking photos. So, if you’re up for an adventure, don’t miss out on visiting Butterfly Beach in Goa.


Butterfly Beach South Goa


How to get there:

I started my journey on my bike from Margao in South Goa. I rode on a big road called National Highway 66, heading towards Karwar. Along the way, I passed through Cuncolim and then Canacona, and kept going towards Palolem. The distance from Margao to Butterfly Beach is about 36 kilometres.



Remember to bring your own tent to sleep in to beat the extreme heat. Bring along 4-5 big bottles of water to drink because there are no stores nearby. Also, pack plenty of food because there are no shops around. And don’t forget to bring extra clothes just in case.


2. Cola Beach – Discover a Hidden Paradise in the Heart of Nature’s Beauty

Hidden in the green forests of South Goa, just a short distance from Canacona town is Cola Goa Beach Resort. It’s like a peaceful hideaway where you can escape from the busy city life. This special place sits right by the clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea, giving you an amazing view of the sun setting.

Cola Goa Beach Resort isn’t just any place to stay; it’s a magical escape from the noise of the city. People all over South Goa know it as one of the best places to go. They have their very own private beaches and rooms where you can see the sea – it’s like being in a dream.

This resort sits on the untouched beauty of Cola Beach, blending the beauty of nature with modern comforts. Whether you’re newly married and want a romantic getaway, love nature and want peace, or just want to relax away from crowded beaches, Cola Goa Beach Resort is perfect for you. It’s a place where your dreams come true.


Cola Beach - Hidden beaches in goa


How to find Cola Beach:

Finding Cola Goa Beach Resort might be a bit tricky, but trust me, it’s totally worth it. The resort sits on a quiet part of Cola Beach, which is super beautiful and peaceful.

Imagine this: the beach is like a cosy spot tucked between two big hills, and the resort is surrounded by lots of green trees and plants. It’s like a secret paradise.

To get there, it takes about 2 hours to drive from the airport. The resort is around 50 kilometres from Goa International Airport (that’s where planes land), and 117 kilometres from the new airport called Mopa. But don’t worry, if you need a ride, the resort can arrange for someone to pick you up from the airport. Easy peasy.


3. Betul Beach – Explore the Hidden beaches of South Goa


Betul Beach is a hidden treasure in southern Goa. To get there, you’ll drive about 22 kilometres from Margao, passing through Cavelossim and Mobor. You’ll see fancy hotels like Holiday Inn and Taj Hotels along the way.

Betul Beach is close to Mobor Beach, just a short walk away. Imagine walking down the village road and suddenly seeing the beautiful beach. The water is clear and calm, like a mirror reflecting the sky. You’ll also see a big river and a cute fishing village nearby, with lots of coconut trees swaying in the wind.

But Betul Beach isn’t just pretty – it’s also fun. You can try fishing with the locals, play in the water, or just relax under a coconut tree with a good book.

If you want peace, beauty, and a bit of adventure, Betul Beach is the place to go. It’ll make you happy and give you memories to keep forever.

Betul Beach is named after a busy fishing village nearby. This village is famous for its active fishing community. Right by the beach, there’s a place called Cutbona fishing port on the Sal River.

You can visit it and see lots of fishing boats coming and going. Even though there’s no bridge, you can take a ferry to reach the Cutbona fishing jetty. And if you’re up for more fun, you can go on a cruise along the Sal River with different companies.

Betul Beach is like an extension of Cavelossim and Mobor beaches. It’s at the very end of a 27-kilometre-long stretch of coastline, starting from Vasco da Gama and ending where the Sal River meets the Arabian Sea at Betul.


Betul Beach Goa



Betul Beach is in South Goa, not too far from Margao – only about 20.7 kilometres if you take the MDR43 road. You can get there pretty quickly, in just a 45-minute ride by taxi or motorcycle from Margao. And guess what? On your way, you can check out other cool beaches like Cavelossim and Mobor. They’re nearby and would make your day even more awesome.

But here’s the best part: Betul Beach isn’t just for people staying in Margao. If you’re staying in places like Colva, Cavelossim, Palolem, Agonda, Varca, or Benaulim, you can easily visit Betul Beach too. So, if you’re around any of these places, you should definitely plan a trip to Betul Beach for some fun in the sun.


 4. Velsao Beach – Discover a Secluded hidden beaches of South Goa


Velsao Beach in South Goa is about 25 kilometres from Panjim. It’s between Bogmalo and Colva beaches. This beach is really pretty with nice views, and the sand is soft and white. You can also visit nearby villages to see how people live there. If you need a place to stay, you can find some options at Majorda and Colva beaches nearby.

Velsao Beach is like a calm hideaway compared to the busy beaches in Goa. Its sandy shores are golden and clean. It’s in a perfect spot, between Bogmalo Beach to the north and Majorda and Colva Beaches to the south. Many tourists come here from those other beaches.

Velsao Beach is quiet, with only a few tourists, a lifeguard, and some birds. The road to the beach goes through coconut trees and old houses. If you drive along the coast, you’ll see lakes with lily pads, fields of rice, and more coconut trees all the way to the sea.


Velsao Beach



There are some cool things to do near Velsao Beach. You can visit the Chapel of Three Kings on a hill in Velsao Village, which is about 15 kilometres away. It’s a peaceful place with an amazing view, especially at sunset.

The chapel is where they have a special celebration called the Feast of Three Kings every year on January 6th. They have a big parade with three kings riding horses through the village from the church on the hill. There’s also a fair at the church.

At Velsao Beach, you’ll find some nice cafes, shacks, and small restaurants right by the beach. They serve yummy local seafood and fish curries, along with cool drinks. It’s a great spot to watch the beautiful sunsets over Velsao Beach and check out some nearby islands too.


 5. Kakolem Beach – The Lesser Known Paradise

Kakolem Beach, also called Tiger Beach, is a peaceful place in Goa that’s just right for a romantic trip. It’s far away from the busy crowds and feels really natural.

If you like discovering new places where not many people go, Kakolem Beach is perfect for you. But if you prefer beaches with lots of things to do, you might like other beaches in North Goa better.

Guess what? At Kakolem Beach, there’s a waterfall too! It’s like finding a secret paradise, with water coming down from a hill onto the beach. Not many people know about this beach, but it’s really pretty and worth visiting.

Even though it’s hidden away from the busy beaches, Kakolem Beach has a special view from the top of the hill. It’s so beautiful that you shouldn’t miss it, especially if you like quiet and peaceful beaches.

You can have a great time with your friends or family here. And there are even changing rooms and places to eat, called shacks, to make your visit more comfortable.


Kakolem Beach South Goa


Where is Kakolem Beach (Tigers Beach)


Kakolem Beach, also called Tiger Beach, is about 32 kilometres from Margao and 7 kilometres from Cabo de Rama, another pretty place in South Goa. From Cavellosim beach the distance is about 22 kilometers away. The roads to Kakolem Beach are nice and smooth, but there’s no net signal in most of the villages on the way.


How to reach Kakolem Beach

Getting to the beach can be a little tricky, but that’s what makes it special. It’s in a quiet area with only a few houses nearby. Unlike other places, there aren’t any buses to take you there. The easiest way to get there is by using your own car or renting one. When we went, we rented a car, which made it easy for us to reach the beach and check out the area nearby. 


Conclusion on Hidden Beaches in South Goa

In the end, Goa isn’t just about its famous beaches. There are also some hidden gems waiting to be found. From calm Butterfly Beach to beautiful Cola Beach, each spot is special.

Whether you like quiet Betul Beach or peaceful Velsao Beach, there’s something for everyone. And don’t forget about Kakolem Beach, a secret paradise. So, if you visit Goa, try exploring these hidden treasures. You’ll be glad you did because every moment at these beaches is truly amazing.


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