Adil Shah Palace Gateway

Adil Shah Palace Gateway | Yusuf Adil Shah of Bijapur

The Gate of the Palace of Adil Shah


Adil Shah Palace Gateway or Idalcaon in Portuguese – The remains are surrounded by beautiful shady trees presently. The palace Idalcaon was later converted into a rest house for the Portuguese Governors until 1695.

Thereafter, it was also used by the Portuguese on festive occasions.


Adil Shah Palace Gateway


Adil Shah´s summer palace cum fortress then was later demolished and the material was carried away to the city of Panaji to erect houses.

In accordance with their traditions, the newly appointed Viceroy stayed at this palace and awaited the receipt of the ceremonial keys to the city of Old Goa at the Viceroy’s Arch from the exiting Viceroy.

The exiting Viceroy also lived here before finally boarding a ship to Portugal.

The palace building was demolished in the year 1820 by the orders of the government.

Adil Shah was a Muslim ruler who once controlled the beautiful land of Goa from Bijapur in Karnataka before the Portuguese invasion.

Adil Shah´s summer palace cum fortress ‘Palace of the Fortress’ this particular gate is made of Basalt consisting of two pillars decorated with mouldings.


The Remains

The artistic archway or the gateway is made of basalt. Two pillars and a horizontal lintel adorns the top and it is the only structure remaining of the palace.

The palace which once stood at the site was in a mixed style of Hindu as well as Muslim architecture.

It was deserted during the epidemic in the 18 century and later demolished in the year 1820. According to a few known people, it was the doorway of the Hindu temple.

The Portuguese called the palace Idalcaon.

Later in the years, the Portuguese carried out quite a few demolitions and renovations changing the overall appearance of the building, which retained its official vice-regal residence status until the Viceroys moved to a new residence at Cabo near Dona Paula in 1918

A couple of arsenal canons, a couple of monuments and statues are still present in that area which are well preserved and taken care of.


The Location – Adil Shah Palace Gateway

Located in Old Goa Panaji just about 10km drive around 15-20 min approximately. The famous Se Cathedral church is located opposite to Viceroys Arch and between lies the St. Cajetan Church.



One can spend the whole day in Old Goa if one wants to explore Old Goa completely in details because there is so much to explore.


Watch the video here for more details


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