Miraculous Cross Anjuna | Milagrincho Khuris

Miraculous Cross Anjuna | Milagrincho Khuris

Miraculous Cross Anjuna | Milagrincho Khuris


Miraculous Cross, pray with heart and soul and your wish or favour will be granted because it’s a Miraculous Cross. Devotees come here regularly to offer prayers.

The popularity of this Cross is gaining as many devotees believe and come to pray and if any wish is granted then the word is passed across.

Recite the Cross prayer that is placed inside the grilled gate dedicated to the Miraculous Cross.



Cowherd’s Cross – Anjuna – History

Cowherd's Cross - Anjuna - History

Cowherd's Cross - Anjuna - History

The Cross in the past was called Dongravoilo Khuris (Hill Cross) and some called it Gorvam Rakhneancho Khuris – meaning Cowherds Cross.

The facts are not accurately known but according to a few it goes back to the year 1602 when the church construction works were ongoing, labourers were sent up the hill to fetch stones.

As the workers were afraid of wild animals, to seek protection they decided to construct a Cross with just 3 laterite stones.

This is how the residents of Igreja Vaddo began worshipping the Cross.

Later, Since many would climb to fetch Caju fruits there, the man-made path was created which the others would follow to climb there.

There are many stories told by the village people related to the Cross. The visit to the Cross was very rare few years back as the reach was difficult through the dense forests.

The place was mostly visited by villagers going up the hill to eat wild fruits such as Kandda’s, Chivra’s, Chunna’s, Charram (Konkani Local Names)  and Caju  fruits etc.

Whenever there was a delay in rains the villagers would go up there and pray. And in most cases, the prayers were answered, such was their faith.

This is another heard story the people from the village would gather in the church compound of St. John’s chapel and walk on foot up the hill. Each person carries a sizeable stone on his/her head as a penance praising, reciting the rosary and singing hymns through the journey.

Miraculous Cross Anjuna | Milagrincho Khuris
Miraculous Cross Anjuna | Milagrincho Khuris



The Miraculous Cross has located in Anjuna North Goa on a hill and hence one needs to climb up 300 plus steps to reach the top.

Upon reaching you will find an open-air or an amphi-theatre kind of seating arrangment’s made for devotees.

Anjuna crossroad is your landmark and a then just a little further ahead about 5 mins away is your destination.


The Miraculous Cross Anjuna

During the Lent season or especially during “Good Friday” and on “Easter” day special prayer services are held because the Cross is marked by the 14 Station of the Cross. Each station is pillared at regular intervals.

The Miraculous Cross was blessed by Fr Jose Leandro de Abreu, then Vicar of St Michael Church. The very first Mass was celebrated on January 11 in the year 1973.

The feast of the Cross is celebrated on the second Monday of January every year at 4:30 pm.

Every year the “Way of the Cross” is held that is on the 5th. Friday of the Lent followed by Mass at 4:00 pm.

Miraculous Cross Anjuna | Milagrincho Khuris
Miraculous Cross Anjuna | Milagrincho Khuris


The Miraculous Cross – When to Visit 

Plan your visiting time as one needs to climb 300 plus steps. The place up there is secluded with little shade hence carry enough water and any other personal requirements as needed.



The 14 “Station of the Cross” were constructed in the year 1976, beginning from the foot of the hill on either side of the flights of stairs leading to the Cross.

In the year 1992, the steps leading up to the Cross were constructed so that the devotees could climb with ease.

A stadium type that can accommodate 1500 plus devotees seating arrangements were built each side is separately donated in the year 1999 and 2000.



To date, many miracles have taken place hence one is advised to visit the Cross and pray.

And I will appreciate people visiting this Blog to comment in the comment section so that it reaches as many more people.

Lastly, the view from the top is also great, hence give it a try and spend some time in prayers.

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