Natural Spring Waterfalls In Goa – A Hidden Spring


Natural Spring Waterfalls In Goa – A Hidden Spring

Sanguem Natural Spring Water– A Hidden Spring Waterfall In Goa


Natural spring waterfall in Goa, a hidden waterfall located in a place called Vaddem in Sanguem 

where you can take a typical desi cool and refreshing bath of the day which is beautiful and natural all the way.

Many say that this water which comes from beneath the rocks has natural medicinal properties. The water flow does not stop anytime during the year in other words it runs all year through, therefore, you can visit anytime as you wish to.

I tried to locate the source from where the spring flows but due to the dense forest surrounding could not gather further details.

The ideal place to visit if you are adventurous and would like to freak out for a day out to enjoy the cool natural spring water flowing through the rocks and down.


How To Reach There 


If you are driving from Margao, it can take about 1 hour approximately. After reaching Quepem take a right turn at Tilamol junction going towards Rivona via Zambaulim. The roads are nice to drive as there is very little traffic after crossing Tilamol.



Must-Visit Spring Water – Natural spring waterfall in Goa


Anyone will get attracted as the water flowing down is nice clean like milky waters. Although the spring water is just flowing through the pipe, I must say it can be developed in the future for the people of Goa and for the tourists as well since the water is flowing throughout the year.


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Multani Mud a Good Skin Cleanser


The good thing about this place is Multani mud or mitti which is freely available side by there. There is a good number of reasons for anyone to apply Multani mud on the body.


Here are some benefits of Multani Mitti or Mud


  1. It is known to fight acne and pimples. Removes blackheads and whiteheads
  2. It removes oils and sebum giving skin a natural and healthy look
  3. Good for oily skin. Boosts circulation and tones skin

Well, these were just a few benefits provided.

I applied on my whole body and took bath after hanging around for 20 min. or so.


Places To See In Sanguem

  1. Tambdi Surla Mahadev Temple
  2. Salaulim Dam
  3. Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary


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