Which beach is only for foreigners? Are foreign tourists allowed in Goa?


Which beach is only for foreigners? Are foreign tourists allowed in Goa?
Which beach is only for foreigners? Are foreign tourists allowed in Goa?


 Which beaches in Goa the foreigners like to visit the most? Which beach is only for foreigners?



If you want to know exactly, then none will give you the right answer because Goa has foreign tourists on all the beaches

These tourists move from north Goa to South Goa and vice versa hence, foreign tourists explore all the beaches.

 Moreover, I would say that Baga beach and Anjuna beach in north Goa and Palolem & Colva beach in south Goa is famous for foreign tourists since the 70’s or the ’80s. 

Then comes the next question in mind, Indian tourists are not allowed on Baga, Anjuna, Palolem & Colva beach?

Well, it is nothing that way the tourists are never restricted on any of the beaches or for that matter anywhere else in Goa. All tourists are welcome any time of the year.



Are foreign tourists allowed in Goa all year through? Which beach is only for foreigners?


Again, foreign tourists are always welcome to Goa throughout the year, because they are the main source of business.

But, foreign tourists prefer to visit Goa mainly during the peak season that is from the first week of November until the middle of March as the weather is fairly good.

During this period hotel rates just boom up, as there is an increase in local and foreign tourists.

Hence, the local tourists should plan well in advance and book hotels to prevent paying the exorbitant hotel charges.


Which beach is only for foreigners
Which beach is only for foreigners


Where do most foreigners stay in Goa?


I would rank the foreigners in two categories the rich high class and the middle class.

The high-class foreigners stay in star hotels and the middle class or lower class ones stay in low-budget hotels and many of them stay in guest houses too.

Mainly, you will find the foreigners in the north and south Goa, most of them prefer to explore Goa hence they visit mostly the hidden or unexplored beaches all over Goa.

These foreigners hire bikes from the locals. One can find cars and bikes on hire nearby the beaches, just need to contact the shopkeepers or the locals around.

These vehicles are charged on an hourly basis or as per day rates excluding petrol. One needs to provide just identity proof to the owner.


Which beach is only for foreigners

 Which part of Goa is less crowded? Here is a list of 17 hidden or less explored beaches


Goa is mostly crowded during the peak season because a lot of charter flights are scheduled during the months of November to February.

Goa is unique it’s a paradise and Eden Garden on the earth, no matter where you wish to go there are lots to be explored from Churches, Temples, Restaurants, Waterfalls, Portuguese houses, and nightlife including the Casinos.

It all depends on what you want to explore and experience it’s all there in Goa. Moreover, If you are a sports lover then there is paragliding, boat rides, dolphin tours, Crocodile spotting, etc.

Therefore, If still, you prefer less crowded beaches then here is a list of the hidden or unexplored beaches where you can find very less crowded.

Ideal beaches to be in but ensure you find the Google Map to lead you as the walking distances are a little more. The best option to reach these beaches is to ride any two-wheelers.  Moreover, these beaches fall in the interiors hence mostly the mobile signals or the range issues arise hence you will not get proper signals for coordinating.


South Goa


  1. Butterfly beach
  2. Betul beach
  3. Cabo de Rama beach
  4. Cola beach
  5. Hollant beach
  6. Kakolem beach
  7. Patnem beach
  8. Sernabatim Beach
  9. Varca Beach
  10. Velsao Beach
  11. Sunset Beach


Watch This Video Of The Butterfly Beach:


North Goa


  1. Ashwem Beach
  2. Bambolim Beach
  3. Caramzalim Beach
  4. Mandrem Beach
  5. Sinquerim Beach
  6. Siridao Beach


What you should avoid whilst in Goa – 6 important points to remember                                           


  1. Do not drink and drive
  2. Be aware of the blind spots and the curvy, narrow roads whilst driving around Goa. Goa has mostly narrow roads and too many blind spots.
  3. Do not get into arguments with the locals for petty reasons.
  4. Ensure in case you are hiring a taxi, the driver is a local guy as many non-goans are settled in Goa. The local taxi drivers take good care of the tourists.
  5. Ensure if you riding, you wear a helmet and carry all the vehicle documents including non-pollution certificate as the Cops mainly target the tourists to fill their pockets.
  6. Ensure if you are in Goa during the Covid-19, you wear a mask as Cops also target them.

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