What are the most beautiful secluded and hidden beaches in Goa



Secluded and hidden beaches in Goa? Goa is a top holiday destination hence there are many beaches in Goa. Whichever beach you visit, you will find a lot of crowds. There are few beaches that are or can be considered beautifully secluded and hidden beaches.  And to reach on these beaches is little difficult due to the remote locations or bad complicated roads.


The most beautiful secluded or hidden beaches of Goa


Therefore, the beautiful secluded and hidden beaches are few but surely they are worth visiting. Hence, to reach these secluded beaches you will have to take the help of local people on the way as you travel because you have to keep on asking them every time you feel you have lost the way.

Also, keep in mind the mobile network is very poor as you get into the remote areas, so you cannot depend on Google Map for any help.


List of top 10 beautiful secluded and hidden beaches in South Goa



Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach – well, firstly, forget about going by car because the beach is very small and you have to pass through a man-made kind of road. Therefore, there is no proper road available presently after the main highway road.

Firstly, the road is narrow and with dense sand, and it’s rocky all the way up to the beach. So, in case you wish to drive then you will have to park half the way and walk about 30 min, kind of trekking. Hence, the best way to reach this secluded or hidden beach is to ride a bike to reach it as near as possible to the beach. 


Betul Beach

 Betul Beach  – Another beautiful secluded and hidden beach, It lies to the South of Goa, from Margao approximately 22 km. after Cavellosim, than Mobor nearby the 5-star luxury resorts Holiday Inn, Taj Hotels & Donna Sylvia.

Moreover, there are other star hotels such as Hathi Mahal, Mobor beach. More importantly, they are all located on the main road going towards Betul beach.

Now, Betul Beach is just a meter away from the MOBOR beach. Hence, in short, the location is just nearby to each other, I took the main village road and headed walking by, to the beach. 


Watch this video from this link


Cola Beach

Cola Beach – All beaches in Goa look beautiful, hence I will not say that Cola Beach is another beautiful or not-to-be-missed beach.

But surely, if you are visiting Goa then you must visit Cola Beach also. The Cola Beach lies in Canacona around 32km from Margao city.

If you are planning to visit Cola Beach then you can also visit Agonda Beach,  Palolem Beach , and  Butterfly Beach . Of course, there are other beaches also which are nearby that area.

It’s a most beautiful secluded and hidden beach hence, very few tourists visit there except the locals who are familiar with the route.

Little rocky, and as a usual lot of coconut trees and paddy fields. The area is hilly and it has crystal clear water.


Hollant Beach

Hollant Beach – The distance from Margao city to Hollant beach is approximately 20kms. Vasco railway station is the nearest if wishes to ride by train.

Famous for beautiful sunrise and the view is beautiful and crystal clear blue water. Hence, an ideal beach to swim in pure tranquility with the waves sounding.

Not many people visit this beach this Secluded and hidden beach in Goa. Therefore, you might find just a couple of shacks there.

Do not bother to order any food from the lone shack as the order might take a long time to arrive.


Kakolem Beach

 Kakolem Beach  – It’s a secluded beach popularly known as Kakolem Beach  cum waterfall. The spring water from the hill comes gushing down from a height and flows straight down into the beach.

This beach is also known by another name as “Tiger Beach”. It’s a very much lesser-known place or explored by few in Goa.

It is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of crowded beaches of Goa. It falls in a secluded place and it gives a unique view from the top of the hill. However, it is too beautiful to resist. A must visit place if you love secluded and less crowded beaches


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Patnem Beach

Patnem Beach – Patnem Beach is about 45kms from Margao. The closest beach is the famous Palolem beach connected by.

This beach is considered the cleanest beach and mostly visited by foreigners as they prefer the hot cake beach the Palolem Beach along with this beach.

The good thing about this secluded beach is, it can be accessed by road. There are few good shacks and the Patnem Beach huts.


Sernabatim Beach

Sernabatim Beach – Is along the same stretch as Colva and Benaulim beach. It’s peaceful, serene, and tranquil with silver sand.

This beach is also famous for sun setting into the Arabian Sea. The sea waves are not high, quite low which makes for the ideal beach to swim on.

There are water sports facilities like boat riding, hiking, dolphin watching, etc. depending on the local sports arrangers.

There are many beach shacks and good hotels and some pubs and eateries along the beach.


Varca Beach

Varca Beach – The first thing that attracted me about this beach was the colorful shells, hence sea shells lover beach. The next thing was the sunset view where one can have good photo shoots.

Less crowded, beach lined with trees, professional lifeguards, and just one shack visible.

Ideal place for picnics, people can sit under the trees and shade and enjoy the beautiful soft white sand.


beautiful secluded and hidden beaches


Velsao Beach

Velsao Beach – Long stretch beach good for evening walks. You can also watch the sun setting all along the way, mesmerizing view.

Again one of the nicest beaches with the lifeguards stationed, who were nice and helpful in nature.

Bring along your requirements with you as there are no shacks or any water sports facilities.

Moreover, a perfect beach for photography lovers. And also, a perfect beach to be with families in the late evenings. Meanwhile, Cansaulim and Utorda beach are connected to this beach.

A must-visit beach if you love to be all alone with your loved ones.


Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach – The name tells it all, the “Sun Set Beach”. Vast and long, a truly peaceful and beautiful beach that is almost empty with just a few people around.

There was just one shack, providing sunbeds and umbrellas. Reasonable prices food and drinks were served hence, one can sit all day and spend quality time.

Like all beaches in Goa, here too you can find lifeguards to take care of the safety issues.

What are the most beautiful secluded and hidden beaches in Goa



 List of top 6 beautiful secluded and hidden beaches in North Goa


Ashwem Beach

Ashwem Beach – Is located in North Goa close to Morjim Beach and Mandrem beach in fact it is between the two.

From Panjim, the distance is approximately 30kms. 

It’s a rocky beach so you got to be aware of the rocks under the sea during high tides whilst swimming.  

There are few shacks since not many tourists come even during the peak season. The water is mostly calm, the sand is clean and the beach surrounding is overall clean.


beautiful secluded and hidden beaches

Bambolim Beach

Bambolim Beach – The distance from Margao to Bambolim Beach is approximately 29kms and from Panjim, it’s about 7km.

 Visit the Bambolim beach with family to spend some happy moments as the beach is secluded.

Most importantly, if you have the hobby of collecting seashells and Oysters then this is the right beach.

Luckily found few shacks where good Goan-style food was served, occasionally the service is somewhat poor as you have to wait for long for your order to be served.

As with other secluded beaches in north Goa, be aware of the rocks as it makes swimming very unsafe. Overall, the beach is clean and a good picnic spot.


Caranzalem Beach

Caranzalem Beach – Yes, another secluded beach with hardly any crowd. Another plus point is there is a well-maintained garden for kids with benches and swings.

As for most of the secluded beaches, you will not find any provision for lavatories. Even parking space for cars is not available, except for two-wheelers.

There are no shacks on the beach or any small restaurants nearby, therefore carry your provisions.


Mandrem Beach

Mandrem Beach – is truly a swimmer’s paradise. Because of good clean serene blue water, no rocks to disturb, and full of soft white sand. 

There are few shacks, since the secluded beach and good seafood available. Water sports available depending on beach conditions.

And above all the breathtaking Sunset.

Before the beach you need to cross the river, I mean walk over the man-made bridge.

For good body massage, you can visit the Moon Ayurvedic at reasonable rates.

Thereafter you can visit Arambol beach which is very close to it. 


Sinquerim Beach

Sinquerim Beach – Is located at Candolim near the Aguada fortthe distance is 17 km approximately from Panjim city. It has beautiful surroundings, a great place for photography. The crowd here is modest, it has paid parking facility.

Good beach to swim especially in the mornings as the water is calm with soothing gentle waves.

Perfect Sunset timings usually at 6 pm, hence be there at around before 5:30 pm.

Well known for water sports of various kinds at reasonable rates.

Also, good short trekking by climbing the hill through the green grass to capture the best view possible.

It is an awesome beach, an awesome view, and a highly recommended beach.


Siridao Beach

Siridao Beach – Siridao is a small village quite famous locally because of the Chapel of Jesus of Nazareth. 

It is a rocky, sandy beach and hence would not recommend anyone to visit as there is nothing to rave about and swimming I would not recommend.

Overall, you must visit the Chapel of Jesus and take a general view of the beach from the top.

You can drive up to the Chapel with a lot of free parking areas available.


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