What is Baga Beach in North Goa Famous For?


What is Baga Beach Famous For
What is Baga Beach Famous For

Baga beach – The best popular beach in north Goa



Baga beach a town in Bardez North Goa, lies a famous beach, the liveliness Baga beach is much popular among the domestic as well as the foreigners. Just next to Baga beach, lays the creek that has a beautiful view with locals fishing daily. The beach is named after the creek. Baga beach is one of the top tourist destinations. It falls under the jurisdiction of Calangute beach.
The best part of Baga beach is the rocks that are surrounding the creek and the water waves crashing against the rocks make’s perfect viewing for visitors.

Saturday Market

Oh, the Saturday night market with many stalls that sell clothes, artistic handicrafts of shells, coconut carvings, ladies handbags, etc. the list is endless.


Visit the Tibetian Market the famous shopping stalls

I bought a lovely t.shirt which was worth just Rs.300, later after that the next day I decided to visit the Tibetian market, because, here mostly the Kashmiris sell along with the local Goan shopkeepers it was worth shopping here too.
The beaches in the far South and the farthest North are the best. Most importantly, both South and North Goa enjoy tropical weather.
However, traveling in South Goa is slightly better because the weather there is less humid than in North Goa. The maximum temperatures during summer would be max.38deg.c



So, you are thinking of nightlife? You must visit club Tito’s, LasOlas, or the 18 Degrees beach club depending upon a person’s age hence, you will surely enjoy these commercial night clubs. 
It has been said that Tito’s is one of the most famous pubs in Baga. The first disco pub to be opened in Goa.
Keep in mind some pubs are opening on certain days only, therefore please check their timings.

DISTANCE from Dabolim Airport 

The distance from the Dabolim international airport to Baga beach is approx. 1 hr 9 mins via NH 66


Taxi services are available from the airport. On average, you may have to pay 20-25 INR per km for auto or taxi depending on the type of vehicle, like for example will charge.
Tata Indica
19.00 (Per Km)
120 (per Hour)
Tata Indigo
24.00 (Per Km)
130 (per Hour)
Dabolim Airport to Baga is around 41 km so considering that the normal fare would be around 1000 INR for non-AC cabs. If you take an AC cab you can add 200 INR more.
A beautiful stretch of the coastline with the groves of palm trees very close to the water edges creates a stunning ambiance. Therefore, the Baga is a beach worth a visit, at least once during your stay in Goa.
So, Baga is such a beautiful beach that you will want to go there again and again. Moreover, the waves are so gentle that they caress and kiss your feet. Baga is where the real fun begins!
These beaches not only allow the visitors to enjoy water sports but also turn into a happening spot to enjoy the nightlife in Goa. most importantly, the easy availability of accommodation around the listed beaches comes as a plus point as well. Watch the below video shot at Baga beach.
Hence, as compared to Calangute Beach, it is a quieter kind of beach and also more isolated. Its scenic beauty, with the creek, the Retreat House perched on the hill, and the lack. 
The beach contains rows of shacks and fishing boats, and at high tide the beach is narrow. The beach is named after Baga Creek, which empties into the Arabian Sea at the north end of the beach.
water sports and Dolphin rides


Baga beach is also famous for water sports, such as parasailing and banana rides, and dolphin cruises.
I am uploading a video here of Baga beach, watch it for yourself and see the beauty of this beautiful beach. The ideal months to visit Goa are from the month of November to February. 
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