Trip To Goa – Goa Tour - Expenses for 7 days/Couple 

Trip To Goa – Goa Tour – Expenses for 7 days/Couple 

Trip To Goa – Goa Tour - Expenses for 7 days/Couple 


How Much Money Will You Need For a Trip To Goa?


Trip To Goa – Worried about low budget? Goa is not that expensive, hence no worries.

It all depends on how you want to enjoy your vacation which includes your place of stay, your travel mode within the city and to & fro to Goa.

Next, food is the main factor, again depends on your choice and also depends on the season to season. Hence, if you are opting for a limited budget then one should visit in the month of May to September.


Trip To Goa – Expenses for 7 days


An average night accommodation cost is around INR 3000 for the couple with Breakfast in a reasonable good hotel.

As for a couple, budget accommodation plus food and transportation can cost you Rs. 3000/- a day hence 3000X7 = 21,000 (Keep INR 1000 / day – for additional expenses in case)


Cost of Renting a Bike or a Car In Goa


Now coming to commuting – within the city

Within the city commuting will be cheaper as you can limit your budget since you can avail additional options within your choices like, you can take on hire bikes and cars which are easily available in Goa.

Kadamba Transport runs shuttle buses daily from Panjim, Vasco-Da-Gama, Mapusa Margao etc. which makes travel even cheaper.

Next which is a better option book a two-wheeler with charges of Rs 500 per day with the fuel efficiency of 40km/litre, or a car which are available ranging from INR 1000 up to 4000 or even higher.

The cheapest available cars within the budget are i10 and WagonR.



Trip To Goa – Goa Tour – Expenses for 7 Days/Couple


Day 1 – South Goa


Trip To Goa, let’s assume that you are arriving by train from Mumbai, Mangalore or Chennai. Alight at Margao station and search for a rickshaw or taxi.

Or the next cheaper option is, take a rickshaw to Margao bus stop which is hardly 5mins away and take a bus going to Colva.

The distance to Colva beach is less than 7-8 km say about 15mins depending on the traffic. Upon arriving check for hotels in Colva, there are many hotels close to the beach if you prefer or further down and around Colva, hence nothing to worry about.

The cost of the hotel rooms always keep fluctuating in Goa and vary from season to season.

Watch the video on Colva Beach


Trip To Goa  – Avoid Online Bookings 


Do not make any online bookings as it will cost you much higher and you might get low budget rooms which were not what you had expected.

During off-seasons, you will get rooms easily and within your budgets or even lesser, therefore, I suggest upon arriving at Goa one should personally check the best-suited hotels.

Another option is besides hotels there are guest houses or even flats with cooking facilities that charge even less than the hotels. For this option, you need to check with the local taxi drivers who will guide you accordingly.

If traveling with a group of friends you can reduce your budget to Rs. 1000/- a day. If traveling with family members, you may very well need to increase your budget, particularly where food is concerned.

Once settling in a room fresh-up and have your veg/non-veg lunch and relax and then move around Colva beach, do some shopping in case.

Back from beach/shopping to hotel, or continue on the beach with candlelight dinner until late night as there are no restrictions as such and enjoy the sound of the waves and light music playing around.

During this period contact the locals and book a two-wheeler so that the next morning you’ll drive sightseeing.


Ensure Your Own Safety – Follow The Safety Measures


Ensure that you take a pic of the bike before hiring otherwise you will have to pay for the damages like scratches or anything which not occurred with you. 

Also, if you are paying some advance ensure that you get a receipt or something for the deposit you pay whilst taking the bike.

The next important thing is, always wear a helmet and carry all bike documents as the cops try to harass the tourists in particular. 

The ticket of any tourist parking place is Rs 50/- in advance.

Overnight watch some videos on Youtube  of the spots which you are planning to visit etc. and be familiar with the roads. Another better option is to carry a map.

Also, bear in mind that at most remote places the network facilities are very weak.

Next day morning, head towards Canacona by NH66 which is about 1hrs drive and cover the following beaches/fort.

Cabo De Rama Fort


Trip To Goa – Goa Tour - Expenses for 7 days/Couple 
Cabo de Rama fort – The inside vew

The distance is about 30km drive along Navelim – Chinchinim – Assolna – Velim – Betul – Canacona – Cabo De Rama Fort.

Spend around 1 hour around the fort as there is not much to explore but the area of the fort is vast. Officially there is no entry fee to enter also the parking is free.

Next cover the Cola beach which is about 30 mins drive and then a little head visit the Agonda beach. If possible visit Butterfly Beach if time permits.

Next head to Palolem beach which is about 20 mins drive. Spend a couple of hours there and visit Galgibaga or the Turtle beach and then move to Patnem Beach.

By now it will be late in the evening, in this period you will have covered the important beaches and the only fort in south Goa which was ruled by the Marathas and then by the Portuguese.


Watch the video on Cabo De Rama Fort



Day 2 – South Goa


Next morning try to cover the nearby beaches.

Cavellossim/Mobor Beach

Carmona Beach

Fatrade Beach

Varca Beach

Benaulim Beach

Sernabatim Beach

Betalbatim beach

Majorda Beach

Arrosim Beach


Day 3 – South Goa


Trip To Goa – Goa Tour - Expenses for 7 days/Couple 


Start day 3 and head via Ponda highway to D’mello Haunted House the ghost-ridden house which is about 7-8kms located in Santemol.

This haunted house is one of the most famous haunted houses in Goa. It is built with a typical Portuguese style and has a large number of windows with different carvings having nostalgic designs.

Portuguese Architectural House The Menezes Braganza House – Chandor

Next on my list is the huge 17th. century-old Portuguese house which is located in Guddi – Chandor via Kepem highway. This is a palace kind house which is over 450 years old and well maintained too.

After visiting this mansion, I would suggest visiting the Rock Garden or the Salaulim Dam which is also known as an engineering marvel in Goa.

It is located in Sanguem to the south of Goa about 30km distance, say 1 hr drive.

 Budbud Tali – The Bubble Lake | Netravali Bubble Lake – Sanguem Goa 

On your way, if time permits visit the Bubble Lake or the Budbud Tali, the mysterious heritage site is situated on the banks of the river Netravali in a small village in Sanguem.

The place is surrounded by a temple of Gopinath Lord Krishna and hence it’s a very religious place. The lake seems like a bathing tank of the old Hindu Gopinath.


Day 4 – North Goa


With 3 days stay in south Goa, you have almost covered all the major tourist’s spots leaving few here and there unless you had any particular place in mind to cover.

Now head to North Goa and visit the most famous Old Goa churches. Besides, also cover the Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount – Monte Hill Church Old Goa.

You could be spending the entire day at Old Goa.

With this sightseeing, next head to Panjim city and book your hotel for an overnight stay and in the night take a boat ride and enjoy your dinner in there.

There is also, Casino boat rides if your budget is permitting.


Day 5 – North Goa


The next morning check out and head straight to Miramar beach and then to Dona Paula beach.

The distance to Miramar beach is about 10min. and to Dona Paula is 20min. about 8km. drive.

Next head to Sinquerim beach and book your hotel and enjoy the nightlife at Sinq Night Club or any other you wish.


Day 6 – North Goa


I am suggesting staying in Sinquerim and not in Panjim because in Sinquerim you can avail easily two-wheeler bikes to move around and the access to and fro will be easier as the beaches are closer from here.

Next morning travel to Candolim Beach which is hardly 5 min and then heads to more famous Calangute beach via Aguada – Siolim road which is about 6km. say about a 15-minute drive to the beach.

Sinquerim beach is popularly known for the Sunburn Festival which is held during the month of December.

Next, I would suggest visiting the Baga beach, this is hardly 7-8 min. distance.


Day 7 – North Goa


Next morning head to Baga beach which is 30min. drive from your lodging via Aguada – Siolim Rd and Calangute – Baga Rd.

Anjuna Beach is just 20 min via market road.

Another 15min. distance is the Vagator beach

Barely 5min drive is the famous beach called the Chapora beach


Additional Budgeting Resources

The bus would be an additional mode of transport from most of mentioned above hubs

Points to Ponder

Low Budget = Time consuming

The train journey will help to save a lot of money but again time-consuming.

For accommodation use Hostel, they are way cheaper than hotels.

Food is slightly costly in Goa, so look for a cheaper restaurant for cost-cutting.

Drinks are cheaper if you are buying from shops, and not from Cafe.


In short as possible

Do not travel by taxis since your motive is to limit your budget.

Don’t get into eating very near to the beaches as they are expensive, you would find good, pocket-friendly restaurants further down. 

The cost of food is high in Goa so look for the cheaper restaurants.

About drinks no worries, those are cheap.

Visit as many places and beaches using a bike.

Moreover, Goa isn’t so costly destination. It totally relies on the season, the duration of stay and the number of individuals who are traveling along. 

The cost of the lodgings is continually fluctuating in Goa and change according to seasons. 


NOTE: Bargain as much as possible and try to crack a deal by booking for more than 2 days or so if required.


Low Budget Trip to Goa – Additional Expenses


Recommended Restaurants – South Goa


Trip To Goa – Goa Tour - Expenses for 7 days/Couple 


Martins Corner Restaurant – Betalbatim

Robins Ark – Cavellosim – Goa

 Joe’s River Cove Restaurant & Bar – Cavellosim – Goa 


Recommended Restaurants – North Goa

Thalassa Greek Taverna

Mum’s Kitchen

Dine Out & Dig


Not Covered Places/Tourist Spots – South Goa

The awesome Dudhsagar waterfalls

Big Foot Museum – Loutolim

 Kakolem beach waterfall (Canacona) 


Not Covered Water Sports – Not Included In The Budget

Snorkeling, Parasailing

Sailing, Dolphin spotting

Fishing, Kayaking

Para-sailing, Jet Ski Ride

Banana Ride, Boat Ride

Bumper Ride


Not Covered Places/Tourist Spots – North Goa

Arambol Beach

Aguada Fort

Reis Magos Fort

Chapora Fort

Corjuem Fort

Singquerim Fort

Fort Tiracol Heritage

Arvalem Falls 

Arvalem Caves


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