The Haunted House – D’Mello House – The Ghost Ridden House

The Horror Story of the D’mello House in Goa

The Haunted House – D’Mello House,  It’s not very uncommon to quarrel with ones’ own brothers for the dispute on ancestral property. The story of the scariest haunted house in Goa started similarly.

Located in Santemol in South Goa, The D’Mello House is one of the most infamous haunted houses in Goa. This haunted house has a past associated with it.

Firstly, it is said that the house is haunted by the spirits of the D’Mello brothers. In short, they always used to fight with each other over the right to their ancestral property.


Escalation of Enmity

The Most Dangerous Fight Between Brothers – The Ghost Ridden House

It seems that one night, the fight escalated to a level wherein one of the brothers killed the other one. After a few days, the second brother died, too. Since then the passers-by and the people who live nearby claim to hear strange sounds. and for instance, blood-curdling and screams from the D’Mello House.

As a result, the sound of screaming emanates from the house and many other paranormal occurrences. Hence, throwing something or breaking windows happens regularly. Therefore, there is a reason nobody goes near it or anyone ready to buy the house. The family members too could not come to a conclusion about the division of this estate.

Moreover, built with a typical  Portuguese touch, it has a large number of wide windows present with different carvings and nostalgic designs.


The Haunted House - D'Mello House - The Ghost Ridden House


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The Haunted House – D’Mello House


This place known as the D’Mello house is in Santemol Raia and it is one of the most haunted places in Goa.

Consequently, there is a big story as to why no one is ready to even maintain the house. Due to which the house condition is worsening day by day as the house roofs are all of the wood. There are remains fallen all over the house as the wooden roof keeps collapsing.

The house consisted of many rare unique fixtures such as a spiral staircase made of metal which adds to the aesthetic beauty. There are different artifacts such spiral staircase made of metal which adds to the aesthetic beauty and a hand protruding out of the wall.

 As a result, one of the rooms has been sealed with cement which could have a significant meaning which is unknown to date. In one of the rooms, there are two cupboards probably belonging to each brother.


The Haunted House - D'mello House - The Ghost Ridden House


Neighbors the Witnesses

As a matter of fact, we heard from the nearby neighborhood that the two brothers had ancestral property issues. Hence, they were fighting as each wanted the same area and none were willing to compromise on giving up the house that they were living in.



Likewise, It seems on one fine day one of the brothers in a heated argument killed the other brother, was it by accident? That’s a mystery that could not be solved.

Hence the brother’s body was buried in the backyard of the property. And the neighbors were given to understand that his brother had taken his part of the share and moved out of the house.

So, little did he know that things could turn out to be worse, from then on it all began. The brother used to hear weird noises in the night he used to feel that someone was always there around him.

Therefore, he kept asking several people around for a solution however people felt though he was not mentally fine and it that was all his imagination.


Was It a Suicide? The Mystery Still Remains To Be Solved


Since the brother could not bear any further, he committed suicide in the very same house. That is to say, on the top floor which was the attic and a storage place in the house.

The question still remains, was it a suicide, or was it guilt that made him do it, or was it the brother who possessed him to do it.

Many stories came up after his first brother’s death wherein people kept saying that the other brother had changed a lot. Hence, he kept meeting people and kept moving out of the house which earlier times never used to happen.

The second brother’s death is still unclear to everyone as the village people have different stories to tell. For instance, some are not even willing to discuss.

After the death of these two brothers, the relatives tried to take possession of the property. However, the entire family died in a tragic car accident.

The other family members are not interested to take possession as they say that the property is cursed. Meanwhile, shrieks, falling of loud objects, goosebumps on the body, and the atmosphere around that place. In fact, has just made people understand that there exist spirits.

The house was so uniquely built that over time it became a spot where a lot of people went to visit. The stories of the villages scared a few but at the same time knowing it’s a haunted place. Therefore, it gained popularity as many people wanted to explore and know more about the place.


The Haunted House - D'mello House - The Ghost Ridden House

You Must Visit to Find Out More – The Haunted House – D’Mello House

The D’Mello house is gaining in popularity in Goa as the most haunted place. The village people have felt the presence of souls and so have the tourists.

Above all, no mishaps have been reported after the death of these two brothers.

The property is massive with the art of its kind, the infrastructure is falling and getting weak. Surprisingly, nobody wishes to claim the ownership or wants to maintain the place.

Importantly, it is not known if it’s a fact or a myth that the brothers are causing the death of anyone who claims the ownership of the property.

The entire family is scared after knowing the tragic death of the second brother and later the family members who were willing to take possession of the property.

However, the place looks beautiful but scary though, a must-visit place if you come to Goa. Some have felt the presence and some have felt it’s fake and there is nothing scary about it.

So give a go, witness, and clarify by yourself the doubt and of course the talks

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Tinto De Santimol – Sonarwaddo

Raia – Margao South Goa



Via Margao – Ponda Hwy/Panaji – Farmagudi – Around 15 min. drive


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