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Titos Goa are extremely popular particularly with tourists visiting Goa all year through, but more in demand during the tourist season beginning of November to March. Tito’s is the Mecca of Entertainment that was founded in 1971 by Tito Henry de Souza.

Goa has a vibrant nightlife with popular clubs and casinos. When it comes to peak season there is an altogether different kind of atmosphere with wide ranges of beaches, temples, churches, water parks, museums, islands, forts, monuments etc. Goa has something to offer for everyone.

This article is going to give you complete information on the most popular club the Titos Goa where people of all ages can dance the whole night away.



Tito’s Bar and Club details


Location: Tito’s Lane, Saunta Vaddo, Baga Calangute, Bardez – Goa

Titos Goa contact number:

+919822765002 / 72197 22893 / 88055 05730 / 98225 87973 / 70661 38971

Landmark: it’s located near Tito’s Lane in Baga Beach

Tito’s is the oldest and the most popular club in Goa providing a good atmosphere. Titos Goa is the ultimate destination for those seeking an unforgettable nightlife experience in Goa.

It has a nice dance floor with an open-air restaurant and direct-to-beach access. They serve a top-notch variety of drinks including cocktails and mocktails.

Tito’s usually organizes theme-based nights Lady’s Nights, Bollywood Vintage Nights, and Karaoke Nights plus other event parties no matter what, Tito’s is there creating ultimate enjoyment dancing on hit numbers. They offer unique lavish and fun frolic parties enabling customers to enjoy the best night out. One can find a good mix of people and good music.

Titos Goa tickets:

Entry charges 2500 for a couple with a table and 2000 for a couple without a table.

Titos Goa timings: 6 PM to 3 AM


Titos Goa events


Tito’s in Goa is famous for its awesome parties that people from all over the world love to attend. They have different kinds of events like DJ nights and themed parties. You can hear all sorts of music there, from EDM to techno.

Sometimes they even have fun parties where people dress up in costumes or dance to old music. The atmosphere is really lively, the music is great, and everyone has a lot of fun dancing and laughing together. Going to Tito’s in Goa is a special experience that you’ll always remember.

For upcoming parties visit: Titos Events


Owner Titos Goa

Tito’s Group was initially operated as a Private Limited Company, led by its Directors, Mr. Ricardo D’Souza and Mr. David D’Souza. The Company’s registered office is located at Saunta Vaddo, Calangute, Goa. But now it has been sold to a casino operator based in Punjab.


Titos Goa dress code

People usually wear casual and comfortable clothes at Tito’s in Goa. They wear things like regular shirts, t-shirts, jeans, shorts, or dresses that look cool and are easy to move in. There’s no strict rule about what to wear, but it’s a good idea to avoid clothes that show too much or aren’t suitable for a fun night out. Tito’s is a relaxed place where everyone can have a good time and feel comfortable in what they’re wearing.


Titos Goa directions

To get to Tito’s in Goa, you can follow these directions:

Head towards Baga Beach, which is a popular area in North Goa.

Once you’re near Baga Beach, look for Tito’s Lane. It’s a well-known street in the area.

Tito’s is located on Tito’s Lane. You’ll see signs or people around who can guide you to the club.

If you’re using a maps app, you can simply search for “Tito’s Goa” or “Tito’s Club Baga Beach” for more precise directions.


Titos Goa sold?

D’Souza did not reveal the identity of the new owner of Tito’s. However, sources have revealed that the club has been purchased by a casino operator based in Punjab. In a Facebook post in 2021, D’Souza expressed, “We have sold our entire business in Goa with a mix of sadness and anger.” He also mentioned that “There was harassment. The only solution was to shut down. We sold Club Tito’s to someone who does not want to be identified.”


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