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St. Cajetan Church – Old Goa | One of the Famous Church’s in Goa

St. Cajetan Church – Old Goa | One of the Famous Church’s in Goa


St. Cajetan Church is another amazing church in Old Goa, rare and unique with mind-blowing architecture that’s the St. Cajetan church is one of the famous churches in Goa.

The church is one of the most intricate pieces of Portuguese architecture and very detailed too, which is so very different from the rest of the other churches of Goa


St. Cajetan Church - 2022 | One of the Famous Church's in Goa


The church is part of the World Heritage site and was completed in the year1661.

The designs and paintings are really impressive and so well maintained, the sculptures are mind-blowing in other words.

Old Goa has the most beautiful and amazing churches such as the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral church and then the St. Cajetan church that is modelled on the original design of St. Peter’s church in Rome.

Goa has a fascinating history behind these churches that were built during the Portuguese colonial rules.

The other attractive and famous tourist’s spots to enjoy nearby are the Arch of Adil Shah’s palace situated in the same compound and the Arch of Viceroy just across the road.


Interior and Exterior – St. Cajetan Church

The interior and the exterior will surely grab your attention. It is simply amazing with a stunning main altar and the dome inside, one of the marvels. The well maintained exterior garden.

Within the church there is a small museum of artworks wherein a nominal entry fee is charged.


What is Saint Cajetan known for?

Cajetan was an Italian priest and religious reformer. Moreover, was the co-founder of the Clerks Regular, one of the earliest Italian Catholic reformers of the 16th century. He received his doctorate in civil law.

St. Cajetan died at the age of 66. He was born in the year 1480 and died in the year 1547 and after 82 years on 8 October 1629, he was beatified.

St. Cajetan’s feast day is celebrated on 7 August.


St. Cajetan Church - 2022 | One of the Famous Church's in Goa


The church is kept open on all days of the week from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm.


What to View 

  • The hemispherical dome, a replica of St. Peters Basilica in Rome.
  • The museum that has various religious histories behind.
  • St. Cajetan paintings adorning the pillars and walls.
  • Few ancient arch’s with pillars and monuments.

Moreover, visit the ‘Well’ that is about 22 meters deep and was built to provide an outlet for the waters oozing out of the subsoil.


St. Cajetan Church in Conclusion:

It is one of the top listed items to visit in Goa. In other words,  a great idea to have an intimate wedding nuptial ceremony that can be cherished forever because the whole area can be utilized to take breath-taking wedding photographs for instance.

Lastly,  if you are a history lover then you shouldn’t miss this church.


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