Difference Between Foreign and Domestic Tourist in Goa 2021

Difference Between Foreign and Domestic Tourist in Goa 2021


Difference Between Foreign and Domestic Tourist in Goa 2021


Difference Between Foreign and Local Tourist in Goa


 Goa depends mainly on international tourists to sustain its tourism industry.

Domestic Tourists in Goa – Difference Between Foreign and Domestic Tourist 

First of all what kind of tourists visit Goa? Here is a shortlist of them.

International tourists

Domestic tourists

Religious tourists

Medical tourists

Adventure traveler’s

Business tourists

And the list will continue with many more categories. But, the main tourists to visit Goa are the International and Domestic tourists who visit Goa for leisure, for enjoyment to explore Goa, particularly the beaches, temples, and churches, etc.

What Goa needs is a mixture of both these local (desi) tourists and foreign tourists to maintain Goa tourism flowing. Mainly to keep Goa’s business sector moving I mean Goa’s economy since tourism is the backbone of Goa.

Goa receives a high percentage of local tourists, these tourists can be divided into four categories:

Category 1: 

Heavy spenders or what we call lavish traveler’s who normally stay in star hotels, so that’s around 30%

Category 2:

Moderate spenders who try to cost control with whatever they can that’s around 30%

Category 3:

Who comes to Goa with the minimum budget with their own ration and cook their own meals on the roadside, so that’s around 20%.

Category 4:

This traveler’s come to Goa with the sole intention of drinking as the drinks are cheaper compared to their home state’s these tourists are mainly from the neighboring states.

Which Country Has More Tourists Coming To Goa Yearly?

Similarly, we also have foreign tourists mostly from Europe and Russia. Russia tops the list of foreign tourists visiting the state.

Roughly around 7-8 million tourists visit Goa per year. The foreign tourists visiting Goa per year are approximately around 9 lakh to 10 lakh.

As domestic tourists, Goa also receives the poor and rich category of foreign tourists. There are many foreign tourists who live in small guest houses, rented flats with cooking facilities, I would say mainly the backpackers the low-cost independent travelers carrying all necessary possessions in a backpack. 

Presently the backpacker’s percentage is declining year by year which is a good sign for Goa’s business sector.

Is Goa Open for Tourists in 2021?

Goa’s Ports minister Michael Lobo said that after the state reopens for tourists, Covid vaccination and a negative RT PCR report shall be mandatory for all tourists entering Goa.

Let’s wait until July to let the number of cases reduce to zero percent, at the moment the percentage of COVID cases per day is reducing from 15% to 7% which is a good sign of recovery.

Delta Cases in India and Goa

Delta variant is the “greatest threat” in the world at the moment. Until June end India has recorded 51 cases of Delta Plus infections as reported by Indian health officials. 

Efforts are to contain COVID-19 for the moment and Goa so far Goa has not detected any Delta cases. 

How is Goa Tourism today?

Goa Health Minister Vishwajit Rane said that the tourism sector in the state will have to strictly abide by social distancing and strict standard operating procedures (sops) as Goa is set to reopen for tourists probably in July 

With this, it is said that all passengers are required to carry along a hard copy of the COVID-19 RT-PCR certificate test at the time of departure.

Digital copies will not be accepted. The certificates should be in English.

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