Viceroy’s Arch Old Goa | St. Christopher's Tunnel

Viceroy’s Arch Old Goa | St. Christopher’s Tunnel

Historical Landmark in Goa | St. Christopher’s Tunnel


Viceroy’s Arch Old Goa was erected by Viceroy Francisco da Gama in the year 1955 on the bank of Mandovi River for entering Old Goa. And hence it carries a lot of historical importance.

The Viceroy’s Arch is also Well Known as St. Christopher’s Tunnel

One can feel olden times euphoria where the Viceroys were welcomed to Goa when Old Goa was the capital city. Structurally it is in good shape too.

Viceroy’s Arch Old Goa | St. Christopher's Tunnel

The Location – Viceroy’s Arch Old Goa

The Viceroy’s Arch is situated in one corner and the Arch of Adil Shah’s palace on the other side. Upon visiting the Se Cathedral Church one needs to walk towards St. Cajetan Church and at the junction of the road, a signboard is displayed where the Arch can be seen just before the Divar Ferry Crossing.

In short, it’s a road leading from the river to the town for the people of Divar Island.

The Arch is an ASI protected Monument of National Importance.


Moreover, Goa was ruled by the Portuguese before India defeated and captured Goa,  hence Goa is home to numerous Portuguese houses, churches, forts etc.

Old Goa is best known for its churches and convents from the Portuguese era. However, it also boasts this charming little arch that dates all the way back to the 16th century.

Viceroy’s Arch Old Goa | St. Christopher's Tunnel



There is nothing much to rave about even though it is a picturesque heritage sight, hence one should not come specially to see. But do not miss this heritage sight if you are coming to visit the Old Goa churches.


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