Ferry Terminal Old Goa - 2021

Ferry Terminal Old Goa – 2021

Divar Ferry Crossing – 2021

Ferry Terminal Old Goa – 2021, free ride on the ferry to reach across the Divar Island. The two and fro trip will barely take 15 min. whilst enjoying the excellent river view.

From the ferry one can see distantly the top portions of the St. Cajetan Church, the ruins of St. Augustine, Se Cathedral and the chapel of Our Lady of the Mount.

Ferry Terminal Old Goa - 2021

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Considered as the lifeline of Divar this river is the connection of the Mandovi River, hence, along with the Ribandar Ferry Terminal, this ferry is the main source to the people of Divar Island for crossing across .

Enjoy the rural form of a ride for free traveling on the waves of the Arabian Sea and enjoying the cool breeze to reach Divar Island comfortably.

Upon visiting Old Goa and exploring the churches of Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, St. Cajetan Church, Church of Saint Augustine etc. One must visit the Arch of Viceroys and Adil Shah’s Palace and then the free ferry ride.

Amenities in the Ferry for Travelers – Ferry Terminal Old Goa – 2021

Shelter with benches for sitting and car parking are available.

First Aid Facilities are available.

Life-Saving Appliances in case of eventualities.

Fire Fighting Equipment is fitted.


Ferry Terminal Old Goa - 2021

The Following Are Top Given Priorities – Ferry Terminal Old Goa – 2021

Hearse Van

Sick Patients


Wedding Couple Vehicles

Besides the above, there are procedures for availing seasonal passes for students and regular travelers. The details can be obtained with the officials attending the counter of River Navigation Department – Betim.

The passes are issued on the spot upon payment.

The Ferries usually run between 7:00 am to 8:00 pm daily.


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