Goa Tourism Guidelines To The Tourists Entering Goa 2021 | Goamygoa

Goa Tourism Guidelines To The Tourists Entering Goa 2021 | Goamygoa

Goa Tourism Guidelines To The Tourists Entering Goa 2021 | Goamygoa


Goa Tourism – Guidelines to All Tourists Entering Goa During COVID-19


Tourists will have to undergo basic screening at all the entry points. Any traveller who is found with any kind of symptoms upon arrival will be required to undergo a COVID-19 test at any assigned designated testing Centre’s or hospitals.

The cost of these tests will be fully borne by the tourists.

Goa Travel Restrictions – Goa Tourism Guidelines


Health Minister Vishwajit Rane has said that tourists will have to strictly follow the (SOPs) strict standard operating procedures.

Goa is reporting an extremely high COVID-19 test positivity rate of around 50%. At the moment.


Goa Latest – Goa Villages To Go For Self-Imposed Lockdown Fearing Rise of Covid Cases


Local Panchayats are gearing up for lockdown in order to curb the spread of infections in villages.

The local Panchayats are moving within the villages to make announcements publicly informing the people not to come out of their houses unless it is utmost necessary.

Meanwhile, Sawant has appealed to the local Panchayats and municipalities to follow the Government order issued rather than doing a complete lockdown.


Is Goa Open for Tourists – Goa Tourism Guidelines


Amid rising Covid cases, Goa CM Sawant has urged the tourists not to travel within the state during the lockdown.

Sawant also said that tourists should stay within the hotels to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Goa borders are open only for the transportation of essential services.


Government Issues Orders


The government has issued orders to make private services more affordable to the common man by reducing the capped rates prescribed for COVID-19 patients in PVT hospitals including ICU facilities.

  1. General wards with Covid related cases have been reduced by Rs. 8000 per day.
  2. PVT rooms single reduced by Rs. 12,000 per day.
  3. ICU with ventilators reduced by Rs. 19,000 per day
  4. Twin sharing rooms reduced by Rs. 10,400 per day


The Month of May Is Scarier Than April


Covid cases have started to rise since April as the number of deaths kept increasing. The reason could be due to religious festivals and large gatherings like weddings and parties.

The Goa media keeps updating the daily rate of deaths that occurred in the last 24 hours to keep the people of Goa updated on regular basis.


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