Salaulim Dam – Botanical Garden and the Rock Garden at Sanguem – Goa

Salaulim Dam
Salaulim Dam View

Salaulim Dam – Botanical Garden. An Engineering Marvel – Explore Goa


The Salaulim dam is an engineering marvel as they call it. Moreover, the Botanical Garden at this dam is a place you must visit if you happen to visit Goa, but ensure your visit to this glasshouse is during the rainy season as the atmosphere is totally different than in summer. The embankment has a unique semi-circular design.

The scenic beauty of Goa and this dam can be seen only during the rainy season and the formation of the rainbow at the Duct Bill. The rock garden is another vivid place that adds to its beauty of this dam. This beautiful Salaulim Dam in Sanguem is a blissful place to visit if you are planning a trip to Goa, India.

The spray rising over on top of the Duct Bill Spillway is a fascinating experience, it occurs only when it rains heavily and hence overflowing. Above all, it is a well developed  and well-maintained place in Goa

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Where is Salaulim Dam and Botanical Garden ?


Moreover, there are two ways or roads splitting from Sanguem leading to this dam. one road leading towards the village side leading directly to Salaulim Dam entrance gate towards the west side.

 It is located in Sanguem to the south of Goa, commonly pronounced as Selaulim by the locals as well. The distance is approximately 25km via NH66 which is near Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Distance from Panjim to Salaulim is approximately 60km.


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The Technicalities of the Dam – The only Duct Bill type Dam


The dam is built on the river Zuari and it is probably one of the only to be built on the Duct Bill type dam in India with the overflow from the lake passing thru a well and into the dam walls.

The benefit of this dam is it provides water for drinking purposes and irrigation to the people of South Goa. The height of the dam is 42.7 meters height and the water spread area is 24 km2. For more technicalities refer to the Wikipedia


Botanical Garden Goa
Botanical Garden Goa

The visiting hours and the entry fee


Anyone is allowed to visit between morning’s 9 am to evening’s 5 pm. The entry fees are Rs. 30 per head. You are requested to show Identification proof. There are 2 gates to enter, one is the main gate which is the entrance to the Botanical garden and the other entrance is at the backside towards the west side from the Dam over a bridge.

First of all, in some locations photography is not allowed, guards posted at the gates will guide you in case any guidance is required.

Secondly, do not try to visit the dam during afternoons or when it’s too hot as there is no shade anywhere. Vehicles are not allowed inside until unless you are Staff. Similarly, there are more dams in Goa but this is the largest standing dam.

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 Duct Bill Spill – Medicinal Garden – Drift Tunnel Sip

 You must locate and cover these 3 spots as well – 

The drift tunnel – which is always kept locked and looks scary.

The medicinal garden  – The entry is permitted only on few occasions.

The Duct Bill Spill – Water gushing can be seen from there.

However, this may not be of much of interest to many but is a must visit the place to enjoy the scenic view and eye-pleasing greenery.

The Rock garden – Photoshoot spot

On the other hand, the Rock garden is neat, well-trimmed, well maintained with unique huts. Moreover, it is a good location for Photoshoot lovers. Perfect place for families and kids to spend a day outing. In addition to the beauty of the place, it is also an informative place for students to understand the filtration process and knowing different varieties of plants. Many schools plan field trips for their students to this place as students can see theoretical systems into practicality. Above all, it is a peaceful place for the lovers.

Rock Garden Goa
Rock Garden Goa

The important points when you are at Salaulim Dam – Botanical Garden

In Conclusion


  1.  Not depend on the Cafeteria as you might find it closed
  2. Carry your own food and all other necessary requirements
  3. Washroom facility available little distance away inside the garden
  4. Do not litter – it’s a plastic-free zone
  5. Do not pluck plants or flowers
  6. For any assistance call the Park Manager

Above all, it is an important tourist spot, less known among the tourists as most of the tourist footprints are on the beaches.

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