Heart Lake - Goa | Suicide Point - Vasco Chikolna

Heart Lake – Goa | Suicide Point – Vasco Chikolna

Heart Lake – Goa | Suicide Point – Vasco Chikolna

Heart Lake - Goa | Suicide Point - Vasco Chikolna


Heart-Shaped Lake Goa, also more famously known as the suicide point or the lovers point locally. The heart-shaped lake or also called the lagoon that is somewhat located in an isolated seashore at Chikolna Vasco is a serene spot with rocky shoals and a beautiful sunset spot.

The  Heart-Shaped Lake is surrounded by the beautiful sea hence the view is simply amazing, truly another hidden gem of Goa which is hardly visited by the tourists.



The hidden and less explored wonder is located off the road near the famous star resort near Bogmalo beach in the south of Goa.

The distance from Margao via Verna highway NH566 is 29km around 50min.

The distance from Panjim as per the map is 30km which is a little more than 1 hours distance.

The best landmark to easily reach this spot is the Indian Coast Guard District Headquarters – Vasco.

Since the map is not really accurate as far as going to Heart Lake is concerned, I would suggest viewing the video for more details until the end.


Heart Lake - Goa | Suicide Point - Vasco Chikolna


Heart-Shaped Lake in Goa

This is a small lake in a shape of a heart which is beautiful when viewed from the top. There is one particular location from the top of the hill from where the exact shape of the lake can be viewed.

Recently the main access or the area has become a private property hence trespassers are prohibited to go there.

But there is an alternative option next to it leading to the location therefore, nothing to worry. Just nearby there is a parking area where one can park and walk for a couple of minutes.

The view from the top of the lake is mesmerizing and if you are photography enthusiastic then this place is ideal for remembrance.

It’s an exquisite lagoon with sparkling clear blue waters.



Conclusion – Heart Shape Lake – Hidden Treasures of Goa

It is a deserted area hence one is advised to leave that place before the sunset max.

I highly discourage this place for children keeping in mind the safety aspects. Swimming in the lagoon is not recommended.

The most stunning sunset can be viewed along with the sounds of the sea crashing waves hitting the rocks.


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