The Cube Art Gallery - Moira South Goa

The Cube Art Gallery – Moira North Goa

The Cube Art Gallery – Moira North Goa


“The Cube Art Gallery” – Art is good for everybody, come let’s connect with the art and experience it in subtle yet powerful ways.

The Artistic’s thoughtful designs are enough of producing profound moments of consciousness. that’s the beauty of “The Cube Art Gallery” the one never expected to find around Goa where the locals meet the internationals.


The Cube Art Gallery


Those who love artwork must visit this soundproof and climate-proof place that is located in the beautiful calm and quiet village of Moira to showcase their work.

The Inspiring eclectic works of art and animation collections of paintings by eminent artists range from approximately Rs. 5000 – 9 lakhs.

The beautiful handmade pottery, masks and statues make the “The Cube Art Gallery” an even more interesting landmark with the display of excellent art collections of ceramic sculptures along with oil and mixed media paintings.

It’s a traditional local craft and the modern art world that is sure to mesmerize art lovers.


The Cube Art Gallery - Moira South Goa


Curators – The Cube Art Gallery


The beautifully designed gallery is owned by Sonny or Elvina Halli. Sonny quotes “The concept of an arts incubator is fairly new to the country and still ahead of the times.

And he continues, “I intend for this to be more of a design gallery, rather than a space that merely showcases wall art”

The walls are whitewashed often to go with the current exhibitions. According to Sonny, he says “Artists from across the globe can crash here, learning about Goa’s local arts and crafts”.


Sonny Singh – The Director and Curator


Sonny spent his early years in Goa in the 60s to 70s and hence instantly fell in love with “Goa the paradise” where one can live life at your own pace and do things that you enjoy doing.

The serene beauty and quiet villages made his move from Los Angeles to Goa in the year 2006.

His dream was to create a creative hub for contemporary art and artists in Goa. Due to his architectural background, he was able to design every aspect minutely in and out.

The building is made of fly ash recycled bricks to customize the space for artists and projects.


The Cube Art Gallery - Moira South Goa


The Ambience Inside – The Cube Art Gallery


Technically, the designing within is done so majestically that extreme care or maintenance part is considered carefully.

The lighting gallery or the lighting system can be reconfigured in any shape and feature throughout. Other than that, an internal climate-control system to protect archival papers, expensive paintings and other documents, are some other mandates. “Efficient sound, lighting, temperature and humidity control: four essentials to abide by in any art space,” Sonny concludes.


The Cube Art Gallery - Moira South Goa


Location – The Cube Art Gallery


The defining features of the art galleries are the stripped of its canvases, the Cube resembling a green-house, the antifungal structure, and the open glass Veka windows.

The gallery is open for six months a year with a different gallery theme each year.

Entry Fee: Free

Timings: 11:00am to 7:00pm

Open: Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday to Sunday


430/1 Calizor Vaddo, Moira, Goa

Phone and Whatsapp – 094228 06748

Email – [email protected]

Landmark: The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception


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