Ozran Beach Goa commonly known as the Little Vagator beach in Goa. It is an extension beach of the more famous beach the Vagator Beach.

Locating this beach could be a little difficult therefore, use the Google Map. The distance from Mapusa is about 11km via 

How Do I Get to Ozran Beach Goa?


A considerable amount of free two and four wheeler parking area is available. One is free to park in the suitable area that is available.

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Facts about the Ozran Beach Goa

Upon parking your vehicle move towards the west side, one needs to climb down the steps. Climbing up and down can be a little difficult for elderly people, .

Is Ozran Beach Good?

Great place to be in there as the hotels/Resorts are located on the hilltop and are facing the beach therefore one can enjoy the view of the beach at night time

Ozran Beach Famous For

The wonderful surroundings make the beach one of the main attractions, the hills, the rocks and the tourists of the Asians nationalities and Foreigners

Ozran Beach Goa

One of the most picturesque beaches, a hotspot beach for foreign tourists has a perfect setting for on the rocks enjoyment.