Festivals in Goa

Festivals in Goa | List Of 16 Main Festivals In Goa

Festivals in Goa | List of 16 Main Festivals in Goa


Festivals in Goa: Goa is a euphoric destination replete of fiestas and carnivals that constitute the chilling vibes of this beautiful city.

Be it the travel sites of Goa or the jolly Goan people, this place will give you the much-needed break from the boring heritage destinations and into a city where everyone believes in partying and letting your worries just go away through merrymaking.

There are lots of celebrations that happen in the city all around the year and no matter which month you enter Goa, you will surely find people partying and enjoying their joyous occasions.

So, let’s unleash the top 16 festivals around which you can arrange you journey to Goa so that you don’t miss the fun that Goa is most visited for!



List Of 16 Main Festivals In Goa


1 – Christmas

2 – Carnival

3 – Ganesha Chaturthi

4 – Holi

5 – New Year

6 – Francis Xavier Feast

7 – Sao Jao Festival

8 – Shigmo Festiva

9 – Bonderam Festival

10 – Goa Sunburn Festival

11 –  Three Kings Feast

12 – Grape Festival

13 – Goa Food and Cultural Fest

14 – Goa Mango Festival

15 – Eid-ul-Fitr

16 – Goa Cashew & Coconut Festival


Christmas – Festivals in Goa


Christmas is also a significant part of Goan life as it is the occasion when the locals here decorate and shimmer their houses with pretty ornaments, the churches are the most highlighted at this time and you will also get to hear the charming choruses in the air of Goa.

There are delightfully organized feasts while Goans make sure to be a part of the Midnight Mass and the lively ardor of the city is at its best during the divine time of Christmas.


Christmas night at North Goa
Christmas night at North Goa


Carnival – Festivals in Goa


Goa Carnival is the best of all Goan celebrations as it echoes the quaint spirit of the town. It is a four-day festival and fuses the ancient culture brought by Portuguese in Goa with the modern-day aspects of it.

There is drinking, dancing, and unwinding from daily worries and there is a huge parade that constitutes of musical fiesta.

The known red dance is a must to see in this celebration while you will find people soaking the festive aura of Goa at its height during this lovely carnival.


Goa Carnival
Goa Carnival


Ganesha Chaturthi – Festivals in Goa


Ganesha Chaturthi is an auspicious occasion for every Indian and in Goa too, it is celebrated beautifully.

The idol of Lord Ganesha is brought into houses mostly for around three days and Chovoth, on the other hand, is the time of merrymaking through flower-creating contest and cooking fives dishes on this day.

Also, on Chovoth, the locals dress themselves and decorate the idol of Lord Ganesha and also keep in mind that the holy places are properly cleaned and adorned magnificently.


Ganesh Festival in Goa
Ganesh Festival in Goa


Holi – Festivals in Goa


The colorful time of Holi paints the city in all vivid shades and presents you a jolly Goa! It is celebrated similarly as Holi in all around India where people greet the spring season by rubbing colors on everyone and forgetting their enmity to bring happiness in their lives.

So, if you are visiting Goa around March that’s when Holi comes, you have to be ready to get colored and getting wet with water balloons and enjoying yourself in the multihued aura of Goa.


Holi Celebration in Goa
Holi Celebration in Goa


New Year – Festivals in Goa


Are you ready to embrace the most vibrant side of the year’s end? Look no further than Goa, where you can immerse yourself in the exhilarating festivities of the New Year.

This party state comes alive with a kaleidoscope of colors and infectious joy. Wholeheartedly engage in the lively celebrations of the New Year, creating countless precious moments with your loved ones.

Embrace the arrival of the brand new year with a jubilant spirit, whether it’s dancing and enjoying the lively beaches or partying at the vibrant clubs in Goa.

Location: Throughout the state

Key Features of the New Year Celebrations: Spectacular fireworks displays, pulsating club parties, grand gala dinners, beachside festivities, diverse global cuisine experiences, and the unique excitement of cruise parties.


New Year in Goa
New Year in Goa


Francis Xavier Feast – Festivals in Goa


The Feast of St. Francis Xavier, the Patron Saint of Goa, is celebrated annually on the 3rd of December to honor the revered figure known as the “Goencho Saib,” or Lord of Goa.

St. Francis Xavier arrived in Goa in 1543 with a mission to spread Christianity and share the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus. This religious festival, which lasts for approximately a week, is joyously observed in Goa.

Pilgrims and devotees from around the world gather at the Basilica of Bom Jesus to participate in the sacred festivities. The event offers a wide array of culinary delights, beverage choices, and various other activities, creating a vibrant atmosphere for all to enjoy.


Feast of Saint Francis Xavier


Sao Jao Festival – Festivals in Goa


The city observes the feast of St. John the Baptist through this celebration that arrives in the month of June.

It is organized differently in North Goa where people celebrate the coming of monsoons and rains and they drink feni and then take dips into the ponds, wells and springs of the city.

While in many other places of Goa, you will also find boat racing as a part of this fun Sao Jao Festival.

Hence, jollity and cheerfulness is a quintessential part of Goa and these festivals add more fun to this amazing city.

These carnivals will wonderfully add vibrance to you visit here and make you feel like you are a part of Goa and its celebrative atmosphere, thus enjoy Goa and let yourself be immersed in the distressing ambience of this city.


Sao Joao Festival
Sao Joao Festival


Shigmo Festival – Festivals in Goa


The Shigmo festival, also known as Shishir Utsava, is a prominent Hindu celebration in Goa filled with fervor and enthusiasm.

This beautiful spring festival follows the Hindu Lunar Calendar for its dates. Originally, the festival was initiated to honor the return of warriors who had left their homes and families to defend against invaders.

The festivities of Shigmo are a vibrant display of colors, passion, enthusiasm, and joy. The celebrations feature captivating dance performances, street plays, and various other cultural activities.

A perfect blend of traditional and modern elements adds a lively touch to this vibrant celebration.

Venues: Ponda, Panaji, Mapusa, Margao

Key Features of the Shigmo Festival: Enchanting dance performances, showcasing both traditional Goan dances and cultural presentations, and multicolored float parades that bring alive the spirit of the festival.




Bonderam Festival – Festivals in Goa


Experience the centuries-old and magnificent Bonderam Festival, celebrated with utmost fervor in Goa.

This grand festival is marked by captivating flag parades, stirring music, vibrant cultural processions, and much more.

With a strong historical background, this festival holds immense significance. It takes place on the fourth Saturday of August and showcases the passionate participation of the people, truly reflecting the liveliness of the state.

Venue: Island of Divar

Key Features of the Bonderam Festival: Pasoi (traditional processions), street float parades, enchanting musical evenings, and lively street dancing.

Get ready to delve into the splendor of this vibrant state and its glorious festivals. Plan an action-packed vacation with Adotrip.com and unlock countless benefits!




Goa Sunburn Festival – Festivals in Goa


The Sunburn Festival is widely recognized for its electrifying music and is a must-attend event for music enthusiasts.

Held in the picturesque Goa, this festival guarantees an unforgettable experience filled with pulsating beats, exhilaration, and unmatched enjoyment. Dance to your heart’s content on the stunning beachfront, as the festival immerses your senses in a sensational atmosphere.

This globally acclaimed event ranks as the third-best music festival in the world.

Location: Vagator Beach

Key Features of the Goa Sunburn Festival: Music performances, delectable cuisine, lively dance sessions, thrilling bungee jumping, a wide range of beverages, and the unique experience of open-air cinema screenings.


Sunburn Goa
Sunburn Goa


 Three Kings Feast – Festivals in Goa


The Three Kings Feast is a highly esteemed festival in Goa, jointly organized by the Vangods of the Gauncars, the indigenous people of Goa.

This grand celebration is dedicated to the Lady of Mount Virgin Mother Mary, with Infant Jesus in her lap. The festivities take place with immense enthusiasm and devotion at a hilltop location.

People gather to ascend the hill and recite the melodious Rosary in honor of the Lady with the Blue Mantle. Following this, lively music, dance, and parties continue for a period of nine days, culminating in the Epiphany.


  1. Reis Magos Church – North Goa
  2. The Lady of the Mount in Cansaulim – South Goa
  3. The Village of Chandor – South Goa

Key Features of the Three Kings Feast: Enchanting sounds of kettledrums and trumpets, the graceful adornment of the Lady of the Mount, devotees seeking divine blessings from the deity, and vibrant celebrations filled with music, dance, and merriment.


Three Kings Feast Cansaulim
Three Kings Feast Cansaulim


Grape Festival – Festivals in Goa


Grape Festival consists of a single element, i.e. wine, which dominated every celebration during this fiesta.

You can lose yourself in different kinds of wine and other cuisines that are a part of Grape festival, and there are live performances, wine-tasting shows, fashion walks and tons of entertainment to enchant you with.

If you have never tasted wine, then this festival is the best to visit Goa for as you can taste wine, drink wine, and just immerse yourself in this drinking festivity.


The Goa Wine Festival - Grape Escapade
The Goa Wine Festival – Grape Escapade


Goa Food and Cultural Fest 


Goa, the renowned party destination of the country, never ceases to captivate with its allure. The Goa Food and Cultural Festival is an unmissable event that showcases the vibrant spirit of the region.

Talented artists deliver spectacular performances, showcasing their diverse talents. Spanning across five days, this festival also serves as a remarkable platform for exceptional chefs to demonstrate their culinary skills and tantalize the taste buds of attendees from around the world.

Prepare yourself for a perfect blend of fun, food, excitement, thrill, dance, and music at this exhilarating event in Goa. Secure your seats now for an unforgettable experience.

Venue: DB Bandodkar Ground

Key Features of the Goa Food and Cultural Festival: Lively dance performances, captivating music, dazzling fireworks displays, cooking demonstrations by renowned chefs, and engaging cooking competitions.


Goan Food and Cultural Festival
Goan Food and Cultural Festival


Goa Mango Festival 


Mango enthusiasts shouldn’t miss out on the fantastic Goa Mango Festival. This event, organized by Goa’s agriculture directorate, showcases and sells a wide variety of locally grown mangoes.

In addition to the mango market, the festival also features various competitions. The main goals of the Mango Festival are to boost mango production, promote tourism, and support the consumption of locally grown mangoes. The festival takes place in the month of May.


All Goa Mango Show
All Goa Mango Show




Eid-ul-Fitr is a significant festival for Muslims, observed after the month of Ramadan, during which people fast.

This joyous celebration is marked by great excitement, with individuals gathering to offer prayers in mosques and donning new clothes, much like Hindus do during Diwali.


Muslims Gather to Pray Across Goa
Muslims Gather to Pray Across Goa


Goa Cashew & Coconut Festival 


Coconuts and cashews hold immense significance in Goan culture and lifestyle. These two products play a vital role in Goan cuisine, beverages, and the local economy.

To celebrate their importance, Goa Tourism launched one of India’s largest coconut and cashew festivals in 2014. The festival took place from 21st to 25th May at Campal Grounds in Panjim.

This summer festival in Goa aimed to honor the role of coconut and cashew in Goan life.

The event featured a range of activities, including cooking shows, cocktail presentations showcasing Feni (a local spirit), music concerts, and stalls exhibiting handicrafts made from coconut shells and other by-products.


Cashew Fest in Goa
Cashew Fest in Goa




1.Which festival is the most famous in Goa?
The Carnival festival in Goa is the most famous and lively festival. It lasts for four days and is filled with music, dancing, parades, and colorful costumes. The Carnival celebrations showcase the mix of Portuguese and Goan culture.

2.Can tourists take part in Goan festivals?
Yes, tourists are welcome to join in the Goan festivals. The locals are known for their warm hospitality and are happy to share their cultural celebrations with visitors.

You can soak in the festive atmosphere, watch the parades, join the dancing, and enjoy the traditional Goan cuisine.

3. Are there any religious festivals celebrated in Goa?
Yes, Goa celebrates several religious festivals. Some of the prominent ones include Christmas, Ganesha Chaturthi, the Feast of St. Francis Xavier, Three Kings Feast, and Eid-ul-Fitr.

These festivals hold great significance for the Christian and Hindu communities in Goa.

4. Are there any music festivals in Goa?
Yes, Goa is also famous for its music festivals. The Sunburn Festival, an electronic music festival, attracts music enthusiasts from around the world.

Other music festivals like the Goa Grape Festival and the Goa Food and Cultural Fest feature live performances and entertainment.

5. What can I expect at the Goa Mango Festival?
The Goa Mango Festival is a celebration of locally grown mangoes. You can expect a variety of mangoes on display and available for purchase.

The festival also includes competitions, cultural performances, and showcases the importance of mangoes in Goan cuisine.

6. Are there any food festivals in Goa?
Yes, there are food festivals in Goa. The Goa Food and Cultural Festival is a notable event that highlights the diverse culinary traditions of the region.

Renowned chefs showcase their skills, and there are cooking demonstrations, competitions, and delicious food to indulge in.

7. Can you give more information about the Goa Cashew & Coconut Festival?
The Goa Cashew & Coconut Festival is dedicated to celebrating the significance of cashews and coconuts in Goan culture.

The festival features cooking shows, cocktail presentations, music concerts, and stalls displaying handicrafts made from coconut shells and cashew by-products.

8. Are there any special events or activities during the festivals in Goa?
Yes, during the festivals in Goa, you can expect a wide range of special events and activities. These may include fireworks displays, beachside festivities, cultural performances, dance parties, and various forms of entertainment to enhance the festive spirit.

9. How can I plan my trip to Goa to experience the festivals?
To plan your trip to Goa during the festivals, it’s a good idea to check the festival dates in advance and make your travel arrangements accordingly.

You can explore accommodation options in popular areas like Panaji, Margao, or near the festival venues. It’s also recommended to book your flights or transportation in advance to secure the best deals.


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