The 6 Best Hidden Undiscovered Waterfalls In Goa

The 6 Best Hidden Undiscovered Waterfalls In Goa


Why people love to hate the 6 best hidden undiscovered waterfalls in Goa

The 6 Best Hidden Undiscovered Waterfalls In Goa shall be explored particularly throughout the rainy seasons.

This article can take you to a number of the foremost undiscovered waterfalls around Goa.

 The hidden places all combined during this article, therefore plow ahead and explore Goa’s six hidden waterfalls with me.

Which area unit the less-known or undiscovered waterfalls in Goa?

Well, this can be one question that several tourists keep asking me often, after watching my videos on waterfalls on my Youtube channel.

Therefore, let us explore the six best Hidden undiscovered Waterfalls in Goa.

Arvalem or Harvalem Waterfalls – The 6 Best Hidden Undiscovered Waterfalls In Goa

The 6 best Hidden undiscovered Waterfalls in Goa
Arvalem Falls

Have you visited Arvalem Falls which is located in Bicholim?

Which is about 9 km from Bicholim and from Sanquelim it is about 2 km.

And if you are driving from Panjim then it’s about 30km.

It’s a pretty body of water as you’ll be able to see the water cascading from a height of 24ft. approximately.

The name Harvalem, in keeping with the locals, springs from Har-Halli wherever Har has noted Lord Shiva

Arvalem Waterfall Timings

9 AM –  6 PM on all days

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Bamanbudo Waterfall – The 6 Best Hidden Undiscovered Waterfalls In Goa

Bamanbudo Waterfall
Bamanbudo Waterfall

You must visit Bamanbudo Waterfall that is found around 15km. from Canacona town within the remote village within the South of Goa.

You will love the village drive a perfect family spot to explore.

Very straightforward to succeed in and accessible by all young and recent, you are not going to walk since it’s right the edge of the road.

Nestled deep within the heart of the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, few individuals were responsive to this body of water. However, currently, it’s gaining in quality quickly.

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MDR34, Gordongrem, Goa 403702
Route NH66 – Canacona-Naturlem Road
Around 38km. approx. – 1hr of time from Margao to Canacona
Around 15km. from Canacona town to the waterfall

Bhupar Waterfall – Canacona – The 6 Best Hidden Undiscovered Waterfalls In Goa

Bhupar Waterfall
Bhupar Waterfall

Ideal place for family visits because it is associate simply accessible and extremely safe for kids. Kids can take a dip safely as the body of water isn’t falling from a high level and not too deep.

This waterfall is often called “The Guni Fond“, since ages by the locals, currently it’s called “The Guni waterfall or The Bhupar Waterfall”.

The village is picturesque that is encircled by dense forest and rice fields, pretty verdure on each of the perimeters that appears. Therefore lovely, value a visit to the current village for eyes refreshing, thus it’s extremely counseled.

The place is sort of unknown still too several’s even to the locals in Goa. Like asking the locations/directions to the locals because the Google map won’t be correct every now and then.

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Bhati Waterfall – Sanguem Goa – The best hidden undiscovered Waterfall in Goa

The 6 best Hidden undiscovered Waterfalls in Goa
Bhati Waterfall

Bati or Bhati is, could be an unremarkably acknowledged village in Sanguem Tehsil of South Goa district.

This waterfall is found around 45km from Margao and about 12km from Sanguem town.

It had been reasonably a trekking trip, a trekker’s delight because the body of water itself was dropping down from a really high level.

This place may be regenerate into an honest traveler spot by recognizing the supply of spring water erupting and creating a correct road up to the spot.

The walking distance from the most road was around five min. You will not notice this spot within the list of standard waterfalls in Goa.

However, this one is definitely one among the most effective for a visit particularly throughout the time of the rainy season, on alternative days it goes dry.

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Kakolem Waterfall – Canacona – The 6 Best Hidden Undiscovered Waterfalls In Goa

Kakolem beach waterfall
Kakolem beach waterfall

It’s a secluded beach popularly called Kakolem beach. This beach is additionally unremarkably called ‘Tiger Beach’.

You’ll be able to reach the current beach in one hour’s time if you’re driving on NH66 from Margao.

The beach is additionally called the ‘Tiger beach” it’s abundantly a lesser-known place or explored by few in Goa.

You can drive via NH66 from Margao that is concerning 35km. and it may be coated in one hour’s time.

It is reasonably associate journey drive to that since it’s a lesser-known beach in Goa. And certainly, a pretty and picturesque read from the highest makes it a value visit there, a true treat to the eyes.

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Pali Watefall – Valpoi Satari 

Why people love to hate the 6 best hidden undiscovered waterfalls in Goa
Pali Waterfall

If you’re a jungle trekking lover then this can be a perfect body of water to hide. It’s a challenge to find this body of water since there aren’t any directions anyplace provided by the locals. Thus it’s a challenge to succeed in there while not the assistance of an area guide.

Surely associate exciting trekking expedition since one should cowl the densest forest space in Goa.
The confusing half was, water simply flowing in from few alternative locations also.

Follow the route map by merely fixing Margao and Valpoi, upon reaching the placement you wish to park your vehicles within the village then begin your journey of concerning one hour to the spot.


Be cautious as you step the rocks as these rocks area unit slippery. Not a perfect place for weak or aged individuals mutually can stumble upon few challenges.


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