What Makes Kuskem Waterfalls Famous

What Makes Kuskem Waterfalls Famous

What Makes Kuskem Waterfalls Famous

Tourists wants to know what makes Kuskem waterfalls famous and so, here in this article I have personally visited the waterfall and gathered the vital information that I am sharing in this article.

Kuskem Waterfall holds appreciable scenic beauty because of the milky water that falls down from a great height.

Explore the beautiful Kuskem waterfall through the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary and the remote Kuskem village.

Trek your way through the dense jungle to the Kuskem waterfall which is about 15 minutes from the road through the man-made way up to the waterfall.

Not recommended for senior citizens as the trek is uphill hence very tiresome and requires one to be physically fit to climb up all the way through the jungle keeping in mind the slippery rocks.


What Makes Kuskem Waterfalls Famous


Kuskem Hiding Deep in Dense Jungles


The waterfall is actually hiding deep in the dense jungles and is not visible from a distance. The waterfall is amazing and the trekking is all the more adventurous.

The best period for visiting is during Monsoon; the vegetation in this period retrieves the succulent rich colour and looks very fresh.


What Makes Kuskem Waterfalls Famous


What is the Kuskem Waterfall Ticket Price for Entry?


The entry is free but I am being given to understand that some villagers charge Rs. 20 during the peak time of the waterfall thereby also providing a free changing room if anyone desires.

The suitable time to visit is from after 9:00am to 6:00pm or in other words before the sunset as it is a wild area and restricted as well.

The forest department has made rest shelters and changing rooms at one or two locations.


What Makes Kuskem Waterfalls Famous


When to Visit Kuskem


Simple, visit when the rain is plenty hence suitable months are from July to September to enjoy the waterfall that looks really mesmerizing as it falls from a height of 25-30mtrs.

Besides, the entire stretch from the main gate to the endpoint is lush green with paddy fields in fact the village is draped with green mist-kissed mountains.

Also, visit these two waterfalls nearby that area

Bamanbudo Waterfall – Canacona – Explore Goa – Unknown Waterfall

Bhupar Waterfall – Guni Waterfall – Unexplored Waterfall in Goa

In short plan a day outing that is full of entertainment fun and frolic.


What Makes Kuskem Waterfalls Famous




It falls inside the interior of Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary and the distance is approximately 20km or a little less than an hour’s drive.

From the parking slot, it is a further 15-minute walk to the waterfall.

The roads are moist and wet with beautiful village greenery on both the sides.


Conclusion – What Makes Kuskem Waterfalls Famous


One of the best waterfalls in South Goa hence must visit if you are a lover of waterfalls or simply loves to explore.

Remember it’s a seasonal fall that gets completely dry post-monsoon.

Carry all necessary requirements since there are no fancy restaurants or supermarkets around that village. Carry nice coffee or tea with eatables to enjoy in case you are planning to spend more time.

One is not allowed to carry alcohol to this spot hence avoid breaking the law. It is also a plastic-free zone and I respect the authorities for enforcing this rule.


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