Best Time to Visit Goa

 Best Time to Visit Goa | Best Season to Visit Goa

 Best Time to Visit Goa or Best Season to Visit Goa


Best Time to Visit Goa, visit Goa from the month of November to the middle of February because the climate is comfortable and pleasant and there are a good number of mixed tourists, mainly the Europeans and the Russians.

Goa is home to lakhs of visitors from across the globe and since it’s a peak season the prices of accommodations go way high nearly double hence book and plan well in advance to avail of discounts.

To be a little more precise visit Goa for one week which is from Christmas to New Year if you are an outgoing sort, party and crowd lover.

Christmas and the new -year are celebrated in grand style in Goa. The celebrations are not just restricted to Christians but different communities participate in the celebrations with great zeal and enthusiasm so don’t miss them.

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Worst Time to Visit Goa


Well, there is nothing like the worst time to visit Goa because Goa has its own charm in any season.

If one wishes to visit Goa during the rains then that too will be a pleasant trip to remember.

Come to Goa in the month of June to September and enjoy the peace and greenery of Goa if one wishes to enjoy Goa in the rain.

June to September is for those who love silence, peace, calmness and little crowd consisting of mainly the local crowd.


 Best Time to Visit Goa


How is Goa in Monsoon?

Visit the other stunning waterfalls along with the Dudhsagar fall. The monsoon period from July to September is the best time to visit these falls as the rains are continous and hence there is an increase in flow of water that creates breathtaking display of cascading waters.

Enjoy the trekking thrills that will lead to these waterfalls.

People ask “how is Goa in monsoon” and I would say it’s beautiful, lush green all around and the greenery is simply mind-blowing.

Goa looks green since it lies on the Konkan coast of India. Nature flourishes and the weather is cool and much more comfortable to be in.

The Indian tourists who prefer to visit Goa during the monsoons and since I love the rains I would recommend the tourists to be in Goa.

But there are some good points and bad points during monsoons such as:

The Good Points

– The hotel rates are much lower and if one prefers to visit without making any bookings then still better as one can bargain and get a better discount. In fact, better deals are available at this time of the year.

– The flight rates are less

– No sun hence no tan

– The taxi fares are cheap for sightseeing

– Visit several waterfalls and some nature treks around Goa.

The Bad Points

– Taking a swim on the beaches is mostly prohibited therefore if one wishes to enjoy the beach activities then it is not the right time to visit. In other words, Goa is unsafe from June to September.

– Occasionally the rains are consistent so visiting places around Goa becomes an issue.

– The roads are unsafe with potholes and slippery in a few areas.

– Water sports are closed

– No Scuba Diving

– The crowds/tourists are less

– Most of the shacks would be closed during these months

– Nightlife or parties mostly in the weekends

– If you are a fish lover then avoid this period as there is little fish available because there is a fishing ban in Goa hence fishing trawlers are banned.


 Best Time to Visit Goa


Places to Visit in South Goa


Visit the Dudhsagar waterfall which is one of the prime attractions in Goa and is located in the Sanguem district in Goa.

Besides here is the list of waterfalls to explore.

Dudhsagar Falls

Paroda Waterfalls | Explore Paroda Goa – a Hidden Treasure

Padi Spring – Barcem Canacona – Goa

Natural Spring Waterfalls In Goa – A Hidden Spring

Arvalem Falls Goa (January 2021) Sanquelim

Bhupar Waterfall – Guni Waterfall – Unexplored Waterfall in Goa

Bamanbudo Waterfall – Canacona – Explore Goa – Unknown Waterfall

Kakolem beach waterfall (Canacona) – Explore Goa The Lesser Known Paradise

Bhati/Sidheshwar Waterfall – Sanguem Goa



Places to Visit in North Goa


Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

Mangeshi Temple

Fort Aguada

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church

Adil Shah Palace Gateway | Yusuf Adil Shah of Bijapur

St. Cajetan Church – 2022 | One of the Famous Church’s in Goa

Viceroy’s Arch Old Goa | St. Christopher’s Tunnel

Basilica of Bom Jesus Goa | Bom Jesus Basilica | Goencho Saib

Se Cathedral | Se Cathedral Church – Old Goa

Go for a River Cruise


Best Places to Visit in South Goa


The Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary

Mollem National Park

Tambdi Surla Temple – Mahadev Temple

River Cruise in Mandovi River

Shanta Durga Temple

Budbud Tali – The Bubble Lake | Netravali Bubble Lake – Sanguem Goa

Spice Gardens


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