Bhupar Waterfall – Guni Waterfall

Bhupar Waterfall – Guni Waterfall – Unexplored Waterfall in Goa

Bhupar Waterfall – Guni Waterfall – Unexplored Waterfall in Goa


Certainly, an ideal place for family trips as it is easily accessible and a very safe place. Children to take a dip since the waterfall is not big in-depth and the place is not rocky and also, no trekking required as it is not in the jungle.

Bhupar Waterfall, this waterfall is commonly known as “The Guni Fond“, since ages by the locals, now it is known as “The Guni Waterfall or The Bhupar Waterfall”.


Bhupar Waterfall – Guni Waterfall


In other words, it is mostly visited on Saturdays/Sundays. School field trips are also conducted here occasionally.

Typical Village – Bhupar Waterfall

If you like the fish tickling then just relax in the waters as tiny fish will do your pedicure free of cost.

However, it’s a seasonal waterfall as the source of water that flows is mainly from the various streams flowing from the mountains due to the rainfalls. It looks like’s a small dam built by the Portuguese as you can see it from construction works.

The village is picturesque which is surrounded by dense forest and rice fields. On the other hand, it has lovely greenery on both sides that looks so beautiful. Above all, worth a visit to this village for eyes refreshing, hence it is highly recommended.


Bhupar Waterfall – Guni Waterfall


Picturesque Village

The distance from the main road is approximately 25 meters or about 10 mins walking distance as you can see from the video. The roads are narrow hence preferred vehicles are 2 wheelers or by car.

The place is quite unknown still too many even to the locals in Goa. Prefer asking the locations/directions to the locals as the Google map might not be accurate at times.


 Along the same road little ahead you can visit the other waterfall which is “Bamanbudo Waterfall


MDR34, Gordongrem, Goa 403702

Route NH66 – Canacona-Naturlem Road

Around 38 km approx. 1 hr from Margao to Canacona

Around 12 km from Canacona city to the waterfall


Some more tourist spots to visit along this area:

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