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Pramod Sawant – Indian politician and Ayurveda Medical Practitioner

Pramod Sawant – Indian politician and Ayurveda Medical Practitioner


Pramod Sawant or Dr. Pramod Pandurang Sawant is an Indian politician and Ayurvedic doctor. He is currently serving as the Chief Minister of Goa since 2019.

He represents the Sanquelim constituency in the Goa Legislative Assembly as a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party since 2012.


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Pramod Sawant – Background and Schooling


Pramod Sawant was born on April 24, 1973 to Pandurang and Padmini Sawant. He completed his studies at the Ganga Education Society’s Ayurvedic Medical College in Kolhapur, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery.

He later pursued a postgraduate degree in Master of Social Work from Tilak Maharashtra University in Pune.


Pramod Sawant – Political Journey


Sawant began his political journey by running as a candidate for the Pale Constituency by-election in 2008 under the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ticket.

However, he was not successful and lost to Pratap Prabhakar Gauns of the Indian National Congress.


In the 2012 assembly election, Sawant contested from the Sanquelim constituency and emerged victorious, securing 66.02% of the votes, with a margin of 14,255 votes.

He defeated Pratap Prabhakar Gauns from the Indian National Congress. Additionally, he briefly served as the spokesperson of the BJP in Goa.


Sawant was re-elected to the Goa Legislative Assembly from the same constituency in 2017, defeating Dharmesh Saglani from the Indian National Congress with 43.04% of the votes (a margin of 10,058 votes). On March 22, 2017, he was elected as the Speaker of the Goa Legislative Assembly.


Pramod Sawant – Chief Minister of Goa


After the passing of Manohar Parrikar, the position of Chief Minister of Goa became vacant. Pramod Sawant was chosen by the Legislative Assembly to fill the role, and he took the oath as the 13th Chief Minister of Goa on March 19, 2019.


Pramod Sawant – Personal life


Sawant belongs to the Maratha caste. He is married to Sulakshana, who works as a chemistry teacher at Shri Shantadurga Higher Secondary School in Bicholim.

Sulakshana is actively involved in politics and holds a leadership position in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Currently, she serves as the President of the Goa unit of BJP Mahila Morcha.


Pramod Sawant with his wife
Pramod Sawant with his wife



Chief Ministers of Goa and Their Terms in Office


1Pramod Sawant 28 Mar 2022PresentBharatiya Janata Party
2Pramod Sawant19 Mar 201927 Mar 2022Bharatiya Janata Party
3Manohar Parrikar14 Mar 201717 Mar 2019Bharatiya Janata Party
4Laxmikant Parsekar08 Nov 201414 Mar 2017Bharatiya Janata Party
5Manohar Parrikar09 Mar 201208 Nov 2014Bharatiya Janata Party
6Digambar Kama08 Jun 200709 Mar 2012INC
7Pratapsingh Rane07 Jun 200508 Jun 2007INC
8President’s Rule04 Mar 200507 Jun 2005N/A
9Pratapsingh Rane02 Feb 200504 Mar 2005INC
10Manohar Parrikar03 Jun 200202 Feb 2005Bharatiya Janata Party
11Manohar Parrikar24 Oct 200003 Jun 2002Bharatiya Janata Party
12Francisco Sardinha24 Nov 199923 Oct 2000Goa People’s Congress
13Luizinho Faleiro09 Jun 199924 Nov 1999INC
14President’s Rule10 Feb 199909 Jun 1999N/A
15Luizinho Faleiro26 Nov 199808 Feb 1999INC
16Wilfred de Souza29 Jul 199823 Nov 1998Goa Rajiv Congress Party
17Pratapsingh Rane16 Dec 199429 Jul 1998INC
18Wilfred de Souza08 Apr 199416 Dec 1994INC
19Ravi S. Naik02 Apr 199408 Apr 1994INC
20Wilfred de Souza18 May 199302 Apr 1994INC
21Ravi S. Naik25 Jan 199125 Jan 1991INC
22President’s Rule14 Dec 199025 Jan 1991N/A
23Luis Proto Barbosa14 Apr 199014 Dec 1990Progressive Democratic Front
24 Churchill Alemao27 Mar 199014 Apr 1990Progressive Democratic Front
25 Pratapsingh Rane09 Jan 199027 Mar 1990INC
26Pratapsingh Rane30 May 198709 Jan 1990INC


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