St. Jacinto Island Vasco

St Jacinto Island Vasco
St Jacinto Island Vasco

St. Jacinto Island Vasco is located off Chicalim Road


St. Jacinto Island is a small island located just off the Chicalim main road, it’s kind of a secluded place cool and calm, that’s  St. Jacinto or San Jacinto Island.

Firstly, there are just a few houses totally about 15-20. Moreover, in Jacinto Island Vasco, some houses were found closed as most of them might have settled abroad and there were few damaged old houses also. 


Great view of the Zuari Cortalim bridge from St. Jacinto Island


St. Jacinto island is mostly covered with forests and hence, there is no road leading around the entire island. Therefore, you will need to walk along one side and then return to go to the other side.

There is a spring in the middle of the island which is used by the local people and also an ancient Portuguese lighthouse.

There is nothing much to see if you are going there as a tourist. Moreover, if you have time and wish to relax and spend some time at St. Jacinto Island Vasco then this is a good place to relax your mind.

Likewise, watching the sea, the fishing boats, some cargo ships, and barge repairs or construction works and clicking some pictures or wanting to enjoy the beautiful long-distance view of the Zuari – Cortalim bridge.


Saint Hyacinth Church inside St. Jacinto Island


Also, the sun setting and feeling the evening’s cool soothing breeze, however, this is a place which should not be ignored even though you will be spending few minutes there.

Certainly, the main beauty of this tiny island is the church named after Saint Hyacinth which was founded by the Dominicans. This chapel was elevated to a parish church in the year 1835.
St Jacinto Island – Vasco
St Jacinto Island – Vasco

The locals do not wish to make it commercialized

There is also a chapel of St. Dominic, this chapel is on the top of the hill of the island. Well, inside the chapel there is a tunnel that leads through the underwater and emerges out at the Jesus of Nazareth chapel Siridao. Entry to this chapel is not permitted by the locals.
The island and the church can be sighted while traveling from the main road.

Subsequently, I also observed that due to lack of parishioners, the church maintenance is lacking hence I could see some damaged windows.

There is a parish hall but could not sight anyone around. The statue of  Our Lady of Lourdes and of  Blessed St. Joseph is well maintained. As a result, the church is opened only on Sundays for mass.
The feast of this church is celebrated in September on the last Sunday every year.
Above all, since it is a residential area, the locals do not wish to make it commercialized. Therefore, you will not find friendly people around to guide you. 
St Jacinto Island – Vasco
 St Jacinto Island – Vasco
To clarify, it seems in the year 1927 the inhabitants of this island took a vow not to sell or lease to anyone.
For instance, there is one cemetery and a restaurant on this entire island. Hence, if you are fond of some homely type of seafood then you must visit Sheela restaurant and bar.

In addition, a new bridge was built in the year 2010 which is about 96 meters long. And hence, it is the only bridge that connects to this island or to the  Saint Hyacinth church. 

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Moreover, I drove along via Margao to Vasco which is highway no.17-A. Meanwhile, the distance was covered in around 40 mins. Actually, it lies in Mormugao bay which is about 7 km from Vasco Da Gama railways station.

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