How is Colva beach and what is Colva beach famous for

How is Colva beach

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Colva Beach – 2022 | South Goa Colva Beach


Colva Beach is the top beach in south Goa visited by every tourist without fail because this beach is considered as the number uno beach of south Goa.  

Tourism in Goa is expecting a decline in tourism due to Covid -19. Kindly follow the guidelines.

The locals are very friendly, caring and respectful. You can move around Goa freely any time during day or night provided one remains within the limits.


Is Colva beach clean?

The government of Goa is striving hard to keep the Goa beaches clean. One can find garbage cleaning workers moving around the beaches.

Colva beach is clean but could have been still better if the tourists visiting took little extra care of their garbage. 

Why is Colva beach famous?

In Colva, there are several food joints and hotels, restaurants with shops as well for shopping. The beach looks clean plenty of coconut trees swaying and it is a very popular beach with Indians and foreigners.

Is Colva beach north or south Goa?

One of the longest beaches compared to other beaches in South Goa, connected to Majorda Beach on the north side and Benaulim beach on the south side.

Margao Railway Station

Margao railway station is the main halting station, upon getting down head for prepaid taxi services and head straight to Colva.

If you are coming by bus from Mumbai, the buses will stop at Margao as the final stop and the same buses will leave in the evening for Mumbai. From the bus stop, itself taxis, autos and even motorcycle pilots are available for onward journeys.

Ignore the beach sellers as much as possible.

The beaches in Goa have few local dogs loitering around, don’t worry they usually don’t harm.

Goa is a complete family tourist destination. People still follow the Portuguese style of living, the shops close by 8:30 pm so in short by that time Goa is almost semi-dead.

The beaches of Goa are mostly having white sand that is soft and stretches along the beach. The coast guards are always alert and notify the tourists whilst swimming to avoid the danger zone, so please follow their instructions for your safety.

Which beach is better Colva or Benaulim

Depending on your choices, Colva beach is mostly crowded where all the happenings take place. Whereas the Benaulim beach which is about 1km away is a less crowded kind of family-oriented beach

What is the pin code of Colva Goa?

Colva falls under the South Goa district and the pin code is 403708



Madgaon to Colva Beach

By Railway: If you are travelling by train, the appropriate railway station to alight is Margao railway station.

The distance from the railway station to Colva beach is just about 6 km. Cabbies are available as you come out. Make sure the cabbies deal is done right before you depart from the station.

How do I get from Goa airport to Colva Beach?

By Air: Presently Goa is having just one airport that is the Dabolim Airport which is situated at Vasco which is about 25 km.

The taxi fare varies depending on distance and locations could be around Rs.1000 plus daytime, nighttime a little higher.

 By Road: If you care to come by road from Mumbai, the best place to halt is Panjim, that’s the capital of Goa it is lies to the North of Goa. There are many budgeted hotels, therefore move around to find the best.

Every place in Goa is well connected to other cities through a network of roads. Local buses are also frequent between inter cities but avoid them as they are time-consuming, they run very slowly

It is a beautiful beach, very popular and crowded most of the time whether in the off-season or on the season. If you are looking for a less crowded place just walk along the beach on either side 

To the north side, you can walk to “Sun Set” beach Bethalbatim, and a little upwards as you go you will reach Majorda beach. 

On the southern side, as you walk, you will reach the famous Zuri Beach & Benaulim beach.

These beaches are nice and are usually less crowded.

Sunset Beach is just close to Colva beach a hidden or less explored beach visited by few tourists. 

Martins Corner


The restaurant you must visit near Bethalbatim, the famous “Martin’s Corner restaurant, where good food including seafood is served. It’s a nice clean restaurant.

Here are some images of Sun Set Beach Near Colva beach

How is Colva beach

betalbatim beach - How is Colva beach

How is Colva beach


The Fama of Menino Jesus or Infant Jesus the church feast is celebrated every year on the 3rd Monday in the month of October.

Where to Stay at Colva?

Stay according to your budget, there are plenty of hotels available ranging from star hotels.

It is also possible to rent local houses, flats and guest houses. Few lodging houses or flats provide cooking facilities as well another good option to opt.

I would suggest, take advice from the local private taxi drivers they are the best.

Colva Beach Hotel

Be safe and comfortable by making your bookings through GTDC Hotels (Colva Residency) the room rates are quite nominal and located right near the beach, from your room can view the beach.

Water Sports

The water sports, all the major beaches in Goa have got a number of water sports to try out speed boat riding, parasailing, jet-skiing, banana ride, motorboat rides, Paragliding for a wonderful beach sports experience

Is Colva safe at night?


Nightlife and live music, most of the known hotels and restaurants provide nice soothing music in the late evenings. Mostly Goan style music is played but if requested for any other language songs/music such as English or Hindi most requests would be played.

If you want to hear the sound of waves whilst having your dinner or I would call the candlelight dinner then there are Beach Shacks who are open till the late hours.


If you wish to purchase some handicraft items, then visit Goan Souvenir Handicrafts, also there are plenty of shops around Colva. 

Still more visit Margao city which is very close around 4 km you can visit for all your other purchases.

Which is the best beach to stay in South Goa?

I will opt for Colva beach because Colva beach is crowded with a lot of tourists and very close to Margao city. Thereafter, visit all the other famous beaches in South Goa such as the Palolem beach, Patnem beach, Galgibaga beach, Butterfly beach or even the Betul beach.


There is plenty of two-wheeler and four-wheeler available on rent/hire just close to the beach. 

The Goan roads are mostly narrow hence be very cautious when driving around certain places.

The taxi guys will take you to the exact location of most of the tourist’s spots in Goa, although the charges are a little higher but safer.

The taxi guys will start at your given time and will bring you back to your accommodation. They will charge you for the whole day, so fix your trip, bargaining is allowed but not much. 


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