Padi Spring – Barcem Canacona – Goa

Padi Spring – Barcem Canacona – Goa

Padi Spring – Barcem Canacona – Goa


Padi Spring is calm and peaceful surrounded with lush green trees and paddy fields all around the spring. The place is well known among the locals and particularly with the youths of South Goa.

The ideal or the best time to visit the spring is during the monsoons as during the summer the water flow is lower.

How to Reach

Padi Spring is located at a village called Barcem in Canacona – Goa at a distance of 30km from Margao which can be about less than a 1 hours travelling from Margao-Karwar -Via NH66.

Whilst,, the distance from Canacona to Padi Barcem is about 25 min, that’s about 15km via NH 66.

The location falls in – between Cuncolim and Canacona hence, follow the map carefully. The distance from the main road to Barcem Padi spring is about 5 min.


Padi Spring – Barcem Canacona – Goa

Natural Spring Padi

How about natural fish pedicure in spring waters? Padi is certainly another spring to explore mainly in the rainy season as the flow of water calmly passing down from the mountains is mesmerizing.

Beautiful scenic nature and awesome spring as Goa is always special in the rainy seasons.

The gushing, pure spring water can rejuvenate your life and promote a sense of well-being. Anyone who loves the nature and it’s amazing features should see and visit this place.

The spring is small and hardly visited by tourists due to its remote location.

The Barcem panchayat has officially named it as “Padi Spring “rather than a waterfall.

The plus point is there is hardly any walking distance to cover to reach the spring from the parking area.

Make a point to visit there as it will certainly be a memorable day outing even with the entire family since one can swim and take fresh water spring bath in the pond below the waterfall.

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