Arvalem Falls Goa (January 2021) Sanquelim

Arvalem Falls Goa (January 2021) Sanquelim

Arvalem Falls Goa (January 2021) Sanquelim


The best waterfall in Goa the Arvalem Falls or Harvalem Falls


Arvalem Falls, another hidden spot in Goa, beautiful, calm and scenic too. Great spot for family outings and for photoshoots, the famous Arvalem Falls or Harvalem Waterfalls located at Sanquelim Goa.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t fall in love with this place, an extremely beautiful waterfall. Visit during the rainy season and feel the splashing of water over your body standing far off.

 Do not visit when the rains are too heavy due to safety reasons as entry might not be permitted since the water flow is high.

Arvalem Falls Goa, It’s a nice serene place with a beautiful temple beside it. For refreshment, there is a small cafe shop at the entry point.

 The Government has also developed a park at the waterfall where people can sit peacefully and enjoy the natural waterfall.


Arvalem Falls Goa (January 2021) Sanquelim



Arvalem Falls Goa (January 2021) Timings


9 AM – 6 PM on all days

The road leading to the falls is good and at the entrance of the temple, there is a sufficient amount of parking space.

Visit the waterfalls and then little ahead of about 10 min. distance you can visit the Pandava Caves or the Arvalem Caves and the Rudreshwar temple in this vicinity.

The Rudreshwar temple holds importance for the Hindus who believe in releasing the soul on the 12th day after death.

During the off-season, the water flow is less but still worth a visit as you can visit the temples and the cave too. It’s kind of a pond, just perfect to wet your feet but not advisable to swim as suddenly the water gets deeper.




The place is away from the mainland, and the closest village is Bicholim which is about 9 kms and Sanquelim which is about 2 kms. The distance from Panjim is about 30 km.

It’s a beautiful waterfall as you can see the water cascading from a height of 24ft.


Harvalem Waterfall History




The name Harvalem, according to the locals is derived from Har-Halli where Har is referred to as Lord Shiva

The waterfall has a great history which is spanning more than 500 plus years old.


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