Camurlim Century Old House – Bardez Goa



Camurlim Century Old House - Bardez Goa
Camurlim Century-Old House – Bardez Goa


The Haunted House – Camurlim Century Old House


The ruins are still found lying on the ground scattered all around the area of this more than century-old house in Camurlim Bardez Goa.

Located in Vagalim Vaddo, the house belonged to Dr. Britto.

Firstly, I am given to understand that a highly qualified Doctor of the village Dr. Britto had planned to build a hospital to cater to his village people. Whilst he was on his trip probable to procure medicines from abroad unfortunately perished at sea.

On the other hand, his beloved wife who was residing alone in the mansion went insane awaiting her husband to return. After many years she too died all alone.


Camurlim Century Old House - Bardez Goa


However, their unfulfilled wish remained and a few sightings by the villagers on the property scared them out of the property. It is said to date all attempts to bring in a change in the said property have failed and even now no one has the guts to explore.

 The entire area is about 3000sqmtrs. Having the beautiful Chapora river flowing at the back of this house.

 Consequently, Camurlim is also home to a sprawlingmansion of the past. Today, they either lie in a dilapidated state or exist’s no more as many had traveled to Africa. Many Goans never returned and their old grand houses fell to ruins.

 Also, Camurlim is a very picturesque village naturally set in a quiet backdrop of paddy fields with the Chapora river flowing steadily along the palm-lined banks.


 Villages that come under Camurlim Century Old House



The nearest town is Mapusa and the distance is about 8 km from there. The villages that come under this area are, Camurlim, Colvale, Oxel, and Siolim.

Tuem lies on the north side and Cunchelim, Sodiem lies towards the south.

The beautiful river, the famous Chapora flows along with the village.

From Margao, the distance is 54 km via NH66.

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What is the reason behind the condition of this house?


The real facts are not known, but from the local people, the story goes like this

It is believed that the house is haunted and there are few instances where people have seen a lady ghost walking along around the windows of the mansion and keeps shouting at the people walking past there at night time.

There might be snakes also since the place is densely populated with trees and plants. According to the villagers, a few cases of death in that area were reported due to snake bites.

Consequently, as told by the villagers from this area, a lady ghost was once seen by a bishop of that village some years ago. However, whilst he was crossing the village he happened to see a strange apparition and he fainted at that spot and got up only the next day morning and started screaming by shouting the lady ghost name. 



Along with my family and friends of 10 members visited this place. Moreover, we too could not locate this place easily, mainly depended on Google Map and just followed the road along the Chapora river.


Disclaimer: The above facts shall be ascertained exactly for its true authenticity. The content is taken and published based on the stories published elsewhere. The author of this blog holds no rights for the content.


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