Bhati/Sidheshwar Waterfall – Sanguem Goa

Bhati/Sidheshwar Waterfall – Sanguem Goa



Explore the Bhati/Sideshwar waterfall at Sanguem Goa

Bhati/Sideshwar waterfall is located at a remote place nearby Sanguem road. Further, this waterfall is also known as Sidheshwar waterfall.

Goa is very famous for parties and beaches and the next thing even the locals hunt for are the waterfalls. There are numerous waterfalls in and around Goa, some are well known and some are yet to be explored. Although, the rains had stopped around this time of my visit to Bhati waterfall or which is also known as Sidheshwar waterfalls.

Since there is a temple which is known as Kaneri Sidheshwar temple nearby. Therefore, I presume some prefer to call this waterfall by this name. The locals also call it Valkinni waterfall and Bhati/Sidheshwar Waterfall.

Bati or Bhati is commonly known as a village in Sanguem Tehsil of South Goa district. It is situated 12km away from the sub-district headquarters of Sanguem, around 45km away from Margao salcete Goa.

Trekking trip on the way to Bhati/Sideshwar Waterfalls

Just before Sanguem, from the main junction, I took the road going towards Netravali Wild Life Sanctuary. For instance, there is no particular landmark to reach the spot but it’s on the main road.

The way to Bhati/Sideshwar waterfall is made by half human and half naturally created path. Moreover, it is bushy all the way amidst the thick tropical forest. Hence, it was kind of a trekking trip, a trekker’s delight as the waterfall itself was very high. I am given to understand that, to build the Salaulim Dam, the hard stones were broken from here and taken for erection.

Bhati/Sidheshwar Waterfall – Sanguem Goa

Upon reaching the spot I realized that since there was no rain the water flow was less and some spring water was dropping down.

This place can be converted into a good tourist spot. Therefore, by spotting the source of spring water erupting and making a proper road up to the spot. The walking distance was around 5 mins.

The water flow and the sound of water gushing down was absolutely breathtaking and pristine, and then the chirping sounds of birds and insects, something that you would love and don’t want to miss.

You will not find this spot in the list of popular waterfalls in Goa, but this one is surely one of the best for a visit especially during the rainy season.

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