Best beaches in Goa – Anjuna Beach is one of them



Which is the cleanest beach in Goa – Anjuna Beach

In addition, which is the cleanest beach in Goa? Palolem beach is the cleanest beach, which lies to the south of Goa, and Anjuna beach is not very far behind.

Goa is famous for its beaches and water sports and of course for the Sunrise and the Sunsets, you can get perfect and excellent photographic views from all the beaches.

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What is the best way to reach Anjuna Beach

So, If you are traveling by train, then Thivim station is the closest to Anjuna beach. Once you arrive at Thivim station, check for taxis or local private cars who work as taxis also, clarify and ensure you fix the fares before departing.

What is the other alternate option?

The next other alternative option is the local bus, for which you need to come to the main road to the board, it’s very close to the station.
There are no buses going direct to Anjuna beach, except for taxis. The nearest bus station is Mapusa, from there you will get any transport going direct to Anjuna Beach. The Distance from Thivim to Anjuna is just around 20 km.

Besides the Beach what else is worth visiting in Anjuna

Best beaches in Goa - Anjuna Beach is one of them


Best beaches in Goa - Anjuna Beach is one of them

Anjuna Flea Market Images


Best beaches in Goa - Anjuna Beach is one of them


Anjuna Flea Market


 I myself, particularly visited on Wednesday mainly because of the flea market since I had heard so much about it.

Saturday Night Market

Saturday Night Market


which is extremely awesome with live music playing, a lot of food joints or I would say good Goan street food.

A lot of parking area is available around there, all in all, a must-visit place for good shopping in particular for handmade artistic items
Here is the link with a map in case if you are planning a visit to – Saturday Night Market and the Flea Market.

The best period to visit Goa

The period from October to February is supposed to be the main tourist season with a great number of foreign tourists and Indian tourists visiting Goa, hence I recommend this period.

Top reasons to visit Anjuna Beach


Fort Aguada


 – It’s an old fort which is more than 400 years old. From Anjuna, it’s about 11 km, say about 20 minutes distance. It’s a Portuguese Empire, the main defense base at that time. 

Saint Anthony Church


 – Most importantly, there is a statue of Saint Anthony holding a serpent on a leash. The snake kept interrupting the construction work of the church. The people fervently kept praying to Saint Anthony for help. Hence, this church is supposed to be the main church in Goa


Chapora Fort


– Adil Shah a Muslim ruler, known as Shahpura the Portuguese changed his name to Chapora, pronunciation could be the factor. 

There lies a history of this fort. a small church was dedicated to Saint Anthony, not seen anymore, However, the fort is currently in ruins much of the rampant is just there. Few Muslim tombstones are visible there. 

The Marathas, the Hindu Kings, and the Portuguese ruled this fort
Secondly, from the top of the fort, you get an excellent areal kind of view of the Vagator beach.
Albuquerque Mansion – It was built in 1920, Portuguese time structure, a real architectural delight. Dr. Albuquerque’s statue is located in front of the mansion. Mangalore tile roofs, beautiful mansion
Conclusion – My views on best beaches in Goa – Anjuna Beach is one of them
Stretched over the golden coastline with white sand and blue waters with rocky stretches situated in a small fishing village. Above all, I must say that it’s a real sightseeing beach with the above-mentioned top reasons to visit Anjuna.
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