Padrik Nav Naam? - Konkani Film

Padrik Nav Naam? – Konkani Film

Padrik Nanv Naam? - Konkani Film
Padrik Nanv Naam


Padrik Nanv Naam – Konkani Film

Padrik Nanv Naam? Konkani film was premiered on 19 January at Pai Tiatrist Hall Margao at 3:30 pm.

A film produced by first-timer Valerian Vaz & Co-produced by Andre Teixeira, written and directed by Viraj Salkar, and by Valerian Vaz.
The cast includes: Pradeep Naik, Nitin Kolvenkar, Vishwajeet Phadte, Vinod Vernekar, Fr. Salvador, Fr. Savio, Damodar Dicholkar & Damodar Naik
D.O.P by Nilesh Keni 
Music by Elick Vaz

Padrik Nanv Naam – Konkani Film, the show was inaugurated with a host of dignitaries with prayer service held before the screening of the film.


Padrik Nanv Naam? - Konkani Film
Padrik Nanv Nam?


Padrik Nanv Naam?  Konkani Film was initially first released in London and both the shows were houseful.
As expected the show was houseful with the audience expecting a lot from this film since the story is based on a Goan church priest. 

As a matter of fact, the struggles and self-sacrifices of priests mostly go unnoticed. The challenges facing priests today are much different than they were a few decades ago. 

Certainly, sometimes we need to talk about struggles. The priests are always subject to judgment by the parishioners, sometimes they just cannot win.
The issues shown in this movie are day-to-day issues. Therefore, the priests are many times subjected to false allegations. It could be sexual issues, church property issues, or money-related issues.

The crime that was never committed  – Padrik Nanv Nam Konkani Film

The story starts with a flashback of Fr. Jess (Pradeep Naik) being captured by police for a crime that he had never committed. Moreover, the parishioners demand that the priest be hanged for his crime.
Importantly, the new priest who comes in place of Fr. Justin (Nitin Kolvekar) tries to move along with the parish committee members in improving the church maintenances. As he goes along, he finds some discrepancies in church accounts. Now, here Fr. Justin, tries to make some minor changes with the responsibilities held by the church members. 
A couple of committee members object to these changes. And subsequently, there on the story takes a serious note.

Well, the First half of the movie kept the audience spellbound as I could hear a pin drop silence.

The second half starts to bring in some entertainment with few songs and comedy laughs. And this is where I felt the intensity was lost a bit. But as per the storyline, it was required.

Padrik Nanv Naam? Konkani Film

The film tries to show that there is also communal harmony between the Muslims, Hindus & Christians. I felt the Muslims speaking in Hindi was not necessary as most of the Muslims in Goa are fluent Konkani speakers.

Politics plays an important role in the movie which goes to show that politicians can go any length to gain individual wealth and fame.

The direction was good but could have been still better. The locations, I felt were also good choices keeping in mind the concept of the movie.

The acting by all the main characters was found good considering the lack of talent in Goa. But my main concern was the role enacted by Braganza (Vinod Vernekar) the villain. 

His role was according to me the most vital role in the movie and needed someone with good acting talent who could literally make the audience spellbound with hatred. He should have done better than what he delivered.

I would have liked to hear from the audience present in the hall hating this man for his bad deeds in the movie.

All in all, I must say that our movies are really improving with every new release and all the Konkani speaking people of Goa and worldwide must watch our Konkani movies.

Support the creative and hard-working people like Valerian Vaz and Viraj Salkar and other Goan filmmakers, so that Goa gets more creative and original movies like Padrik Nav Naam?

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Review Rating Explanation

?  -Lots To Improve 
?? – Could Still Have Been Better
??? – Good Enough
???? – Good! Try Not To Miss
????? – Very Good! Must Watch 

????? (3.0/5.0)


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