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Do you want an exciting village ride through the lush green forests and fields of Goa? Then you must visit Bamanbudo Waterfall which is located around 15 km from Canacona city in the remote village in the South ofGoa.

Very easy to reach and accessible by all young and old, you do not need to walk since it is right on the roadside.

It’s an unexplored waterfall that falls in the backdrop of serene Amba Ghat, a hidden treasure.

Nestled deep in the heart of the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, few people were aware of this waterfall. But, now it is gaining in popularity rapidly.

In other words, a dream drive during the monsoons along with the forestry Gaondongrem village. All along paddy fields and hills on both sides having a narrow road, the best evergreen look.


Bamanbudo Waterfall - Canacona - Explore Goa - Unknown Waterfall

Bamanbudo Waterfall – Canacona  – Explore Goa – Unknown Waterfall


The water slides down from the rocks with force, which is crystal clear water. Nice place for photo shoots, an ideal place for little kids to swim as the water is not deep. Hence, if you are interested in a pedicure then be in the waters and enjoy the fish tickling.

During the monsoons, the waterfall is just amazing since the force of the waterfall blends into a white kind of foam which enhances its charm.

It’s a kind of a spring waterfall on other days. The waterfall is not as huge as one may expect it to be but still, it’s worth visiting.

Consequently, a great picnic spot with a family as it’s a very safe place too, although it’s in the midway of the forest area.

The road is narrow with little parking space available at the spot and the locals drive up and down on this road.

If you are lucky then you might see or hear beautiful birds chirping, monkeys jumping and some other creatures and animals to moving around on the trees, etc.

Bamanbudo Waterfall - Canacona - Explore Goa - Unknown Waterfall

Bamanbudo Waterfall – Canacona  – Explore Goa – Unknown Waterfall

However, the cons are, there is no network in most of the area and no nearby shops to purchase anything. But around 5 km away there is a small homely restaurant, but I suggest it’s better to take your own food.

Most importantly, leave the area before it’s dark as it’s a sanctuary area. Also, the place gets lonely as even the locals don’t move around at this time.

Bamanbudo Waterfall - Canacona - Explore Goa - Unknown Waterfall

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All in all a mesmerizing waterfall that must be seen by all tourists and the locals.

Meanwhile, a little ahead coming back about 10 mins drive there is another smaller waterfall known as the “Bhupar Waterfall” you can cover that as well.


MDR34, Gordongrem, Goa 403702

Route NH66 – Canacona-Naturlem Road

Around 38 km approx. 1 hr from Margao to Canacona

Around 15 km from Canacona city to the waterfall


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