Trips to Goa | Goa Tourism Info

Trips to Goa | Goa Tourism Info

Trips to Goa | Goa Tourism Info


Trips to Goa, Goa tourism info, here is the latest situation update of Goa in regards to tourism 2022. The peak season has approached in Goa which is at the beginning of November to January every year.

Trips to Goa | Goa Tourism Info

Firstly let us check the fresh rules implemented by the Goa government. The rules are basically for the improvement of tourism or simply for the betterment of tourists to prevent harassment and prevent any untoward incidences.

The Goa government has taken a wise decision to remove completely the touts (Beach Sellers) that are bothersome at times. There is a fine imposed on them to prevent them from selling on the beaches.


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Goa rules for tourists


Hawkers or the vendor selling illegally will be fined and removed.

If any tourist is found cooking in public /open places will be fined heavily in short cooking in public places is banned completely. Cooking in places is not only unhygienic but unsafe as well.

Drinking in public places and littering on beaches are not allowed. Heavy fines ranging from Rs.5000-50000 are imposed and one can get even arrested by the police.

Drink and enjoy in hotels, restaurants, bars and shacks, but do not buy at wine stores to drink in public places.


Car and bike rentals – Trips to Goa


Car rentals are ranging from Rs. 1700 – 2500 per day depending on the vehicle. Bike rents are now starting from Rs. 400-600, excluding petrol.

For bikers, the helmet is compulsory for the driver only and the pillion rider is exempted.

Drinking and driving are prohibited. Goa government has imposed a fine ranging from Rs. 5K-10K

The latest news is that all the shacks, clubs and parties are completely open, and the COVID-19 restrictions have been withdrawn.

Benaulim Beach


Night markets


The good news is that the day/night markets have opened up. The Friday night market at hilltop Vagator, the Wednesday flea market (Day market) at Anjuna.

Moreover, there is a new market that has opened up ‘Saturday Night Market’ at Arpora (Next to Baga road).


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Hotel Prices


Hotel prices have shot up therefore book in advance if you are planning to visit Goa. Many guest houses are available at reasonable prices, check them out as well.   

Club Mahindra Varca Beach


Island Trips | Dudhsagar Waterfalls


Planning for an island trip? No worries the island trips are open now. Dudhsagar waterfall is open, and the jeeps that take you directly to the waterfalls are running as normal. Book the trip to Dudhsagar in advance to avoid disappointment.

Whats a good Goa – Trips to Goa


I recommend to visit the Spice plantation farms they are the best. The cost includes delicious lunch and a guide to walk with explaining/describing each spice.


Goa travel guidelines | Safety Tips


 – Respect the religion and culture

 – Carry your wallet inside the jacket or on the side trousers.

 – Jewellery, passports, cash and other valuables keep secured in your hotel safe deposit box. Never leave them unattended. Better not to carry cash in person. Use Credit/Debit cards.

 – Never open the door to unsolicited room service or maintenance people

 – Ensure the luggage is only given to a member of the hotel’s bell staff and a receipt is issued immediately.

 – Public Smoking is an offence in Goa. Keep in mind, smoking is allowed in designated smoking zones only.

 – Do not consume alcohol in public places. Anyone violating the rules are liable for prosecution.

 – No littering or spitting in public places, beaches, Parks and on Public transport.

 – Always throw litter, and leftovers in the dustbin.

 – Do not use Mobile phones while driving. It is not only dangerous but a traffic violation as well.

 – Eve-teasing or stalking may invite legal trouble.

 – In the event of any medical emergency dial 108.

 – Importantly, do not venture into the sea during night time particularly after consuming alcohol.

 – Drishti lifeguards are there to take care of tourists, respect and follow their instructions.

 – In regards to any dispute with taxi operators, tour operators or with any locals do not indulge in quarrel, it is wise to inform the police.

 – Begging is an offence in Goa, do not encourage it.

 – Do not drive on the beach, it is an offence.


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