What are the most beautiful secluded and hidden beaches in Goa

Kakolem beach waterfall (Canacona) – Explore Goa The Lesser Known Paradise



Kakolem beach waterfall (Canacona) - Explore Goa the lesser known paradise


The spring water cum beach – The Kakolem waterfall

Explore Kakolem beach waterfall, it’s a secluded beach popularly known as Kakolem beach cum waterfall the lesser-known paradise. The spring water from the hill comes gushing down from a height and flows down into the beach.

The Kakolem beach waterfall beach is also known as the ‘Tiger beach”, it’s a very much lesser-known place or explored by few in Goa.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of crowded beaches of Goa. To clarify, it falls in a secluded place and it gives a unique view from the top of the hill. However, it is too beautiful to resist, a must-visit place in Goa if you love secluded and less crowded beaches.

In other words, you can have your best moments with your friends and spouses at this beach. For changing and for relaxation, changing rooms and Shacks are available.

You can drive via NH66 from Margao which is about 35kms and it can be covered in one hour’s time.


Kakolem beach waterfall (Canacona) - Explore Goa the lesser known paradise


Adventure drive along Canacona to Kakolem Beach

From the main road of Canacona highway, you need to move towards the village of Kola, and then you need to turn to the north-east and move through the broken kind of roads leading to the beach.

Explore the Kakolem beach waterfall, It is kind of an adventure drive to it since it is a lesser-known beach in Goa and beautiful and picturesque view from the top makes it worth visit there, a real treat to the eyes surrounded with a lot of coconut trees and vegetation.

The Margao railway station is the ideal stop to alight and lodge in hotels around Colva. The entire day is apt for visiting this place and also to cover some more famous place such as Cabo De Rama which is nearby too.

Plan your trip to visit the below-mentioned places which come along almost the same route, it’s a complete day outing if you are a tourist.


1.    Betul Beach

2.    Canaguinim Beach

3.    The Lazy Bay

4.    Infinity/Shiva Waterfall

5.    Lazy View Point

6.    Cola Beach Lagoon

7.    Agonda Beach

8.    Rock Formations


If you are traveling by car to these above places then you might have issues of parking or get closer to the spots, hence riding a bike is much better as you can come closest to the spots and walk approximately half the distance.



Kakolem beach waterfall (Canacona) – Explore Goa the lesser known paradise


Kakolem beach waterfall (Canacona) - Explore Goa the lesser known paradise


The network is very poor there as they fall in isolated areas.

The Kakolem beach is gorgeous with clean water, a clean beach, and nature to adore, if you are fond of trekking then this one is for you.


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