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Goa Beach | Total How Many Beaches Are There in South Goa?

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Goa Beach

Total How Many Beaches Are There in South Goa?


Goa Beach or Goa beaches are extremely popular all over the world. Goa was a Portuguese colony before 1961.

While Goa is one of the smallest states in India with a coastline stretching along the Arabian Sea. The Goa beaches dominate Goa where you can relax and sunbathe and when evening approaches one can gently listen to the waves sipping chilled beers with candlelight dinners.

Do you know how many beaches are there in South Goa? Continue reading..



How Many Famous Beaches are in Goa?


Goa has got numerous beaches to be precise 35 plus ranging from big to small are yet to be explored.

Goa state has two districts namely South Goa, Margao is the headquarters and North Goa has its headquarters in Panaji.


What is the Main Beach in Goa?


Every beach in Goa has its own charm and within the two districts, there are other famous beaches as well. In South Goa, I would name Colva Beach the top beach which is easily accessible and surely the longest beach. 

And in North Goa, Calangute Beach is a very popular and surely favourite beach for most tourists.


Goa Beach – List of South Goa Beaches


Most of the Goa beaches listed here below are visited by tourists every season but there are a few secluded beaches that are unknown to many and are yet to be explored.


Velsao Beach – Goa Beach


A secluded beach where one can just sit and watch the birds gathering to eat seafood. One of the cleanest beaches and a magical one too, the sand is almost white and the water is calm.

This beach lies on the northern side of all the South Beaches in Goa. Not many tourists visit this beach, therefore, no shacks and water sports facilities.




The beach lies in a place called Consua and connects with the Bogmalo beach. The distance to reach this beach from Panjim is approximately 25km and the distance from Margao is approximately 17.4km about a 30 min drive via NH 66.


Cansaulim Beach – Goa Beach


To reach the beach one needs to walk for half a meter approximately. Basically, I would call it an ideal beach for jogging and playing beach sports.

The beach is mostly visited by the local families who prefer to go for quite picnics and to enjoy the sunset with children.

No shacks or any kind of food stalls are available on this beach hence one is required to carry own necessities.

This beach is attracting tourists because the beach is perfect to spend a few memorable moments as it has a breathtaking view with dense groves of palm trees, and goldish shimmering sand making it a popular spot even during the summer.




Drive along the NH 66 for about 17 km approximately from Margao and from Panjim it is about 31 km. 



Arossim Beach – Where is Arossim Beach? 


This beach is non-commercialized that is peaceful and hence less crowded mostly visited by the resort tourists.

Again nestles in a landscape of beautiful swaying palm trees, a perfect picture postcard beach that will definitely win your heart.

There are a few shacks in case one wishes to sip a beer and enjoy the breathtaking view.




The distance from Margao via NH 66 is approximately 17 km which is a drive of about 30 mins depending on the traffic.

If you are coming from Panjim then one needs to drive via NH66 for approximately 29km around 50min driving.



Utorda Beach – Where is Utorda Beach?


Utorda beach distance from Margao is 10km and driving via Majorda-Nuvem road will take less than half an hour.

The beach is serene and palm-lined with a wide strip of white sands. One can find a few sand dunes on the beach. 

It’s a gifted beach to the people of South Goa that is bordered by two other famous beaches – Majorda in the south and Arossim in the north.

It is one of the less active beaches situated in the tranquil south Goa that is considered as of the cleanest and most gorgeous beachside in the area.

Finest beachside resorts can be found at Utorda including spas and watersports such as dolphin boat trips, water skiing, windsurfing etc.



Majorda Beach – Which Part of Goa is Majorda Beach?


One of the most stunning and alluring beaches that looks spic and span. Well-maintained by the local government with beach cleaning teams.

 It lies amidst Utorda beach and Betalbatim beach northwest of Margao salcete district.

Majorda beach lies at a stretch of about 5 km northside of Colva beach.

Again, one can find the palm-lined grove trees across the beach which give an amazing exotic scenic look to the beach.

Water sports activities are available including nice restaurants and shacks. Majorda Beach Resort offers spacious and luxurious rooms facing the beach and makes it even more convenient for tourists to spend holidays at Majorda Beach.


Majorda Beach


Sunset Beach 


Another gem of a beach is again a must-visit beach where one can just sit near the shore and feel the vibes by connecting your soul to the winds.

Very tranquil and cleanest beach in south Goa and quite awesome for wedding photo shoots or movie shoots.

Parking space is an issue here just 3-4 cars can be parked including two-wheelers. The beach usually gets crowded in the evenings.

 The approach to the beach is narrow hence drive with care.

The distance from Colva beach is about 15 minutes approximately 4-5 km. And the distance from Panjim is about 34km say about an hours distance.


sunset beach


Betalbatim Beach – Betalbatim Beach Location


Tourists visiting Goa mainly choose this beach because of the scenic beauty of changing colours of the sky and the sun setting. 

It’s a shady and serene beach with trees swaying, in fact, an ideal beach for family picnics and perfect for photo-shoot sessions.

One can find a few shacks serving good seafood. Also, water sports can be found around the beach.

All in all definitely worth a visit to enjoy the live sea shells and starfishes.

The distance from Colva beach is barely 4-5km and one can reach there just within 10mins drive via the shortcut road and if one wishes to walk along the beach from Colva then it could take hardly 20 mins.


Betalbatim beach


Colva Beach – Colva Beach Location


It’s all happening at Colva beach, one of the most famous beaches in south Goa. This beach is also considered one of the most crowded beaches with tourists flooding at all the times of the year.

Colva is a popular destination for locals as well hence the beach is always crowded. This beach provides endless opportunities to enjoy such as sightseeing tours, basking under the sun, various watersports, and the beautiful sun setting.

The top star hotels are located in this area very close to the beach if one prefers. Many restaurants are costly and non-costly ones and shopping spots of every kind are available on this beach.

The beach from Margao railway station is hardly 6km and one can reach there within 10-15 min.

And if one is travelling from Panjim the distance is approximately 32km and less than an hour’s drive.


Colva Beach


Sernabatim Beach – Sernabatim Beach Location


Walkable distance from Sernabatim beach to Colva Beach or Benaulim beach, it’s a long stretch either way (Extension) whilst one can enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset and the sound of gushing waves. The ideal time to visit is in the evening.

The beach is far less populated and hence, it’s clean, peaceful and calm.

If you are a fitness freak then this beach is definitely for you for cycling and running comfortably.

There are a few restaurants and shacks and one may and may not find water-sports facilities.

Don’t miss the sunset and the sunrise if you are a lover of these natural happenings.


Goa Beach


Benaulim Beach – Goa Beach


The natural features of the land consisting of the wide white sand and peaceful and calm nature make it an awesome beach that one must visit to explore.

The good thing about this beach is there are many big star hotels. One can find ample parking space. Shacks and restaurants are many. Water sports facilities are in excess.

This beach is mostly dominated by foreigners as they find it to be less crowded compared to Colva beach. Therefore, if you are interested in a mixed crowd and the nominal then Benaulim beach is for you.

It is hardly a little more than a kilometre away from Colva beach and the distance from Panjim is about 33km and hence little more than an hour’s drive.

Plenty of sea shells and crabs moving on the beach to grab your attention and if you are a pet lover then enjoy the chit-chat with the dogs.


Benaulim Beach


Trinity Beach –  Goa Beach


If you are looking for a peaceful beach with less or no crowd then this is the right beach to visit that is connected to Varca and Benaulim beach.

This beach is also known by the village name Vadi another fishing village nearby Benaulim where one can find very little parking space around.

There are nearby hotels and shacks with good seafood at reasonable rates are served.

Water sports such as Banana boat rides, Jet Ski, Parasailing, Kayaking etc. are available.

The distance from Panjim is 34km and from Margao city, it is approximately 9km.


Trinity Beach


Varca Beach – Goa Beach


Varca beach is barely 2km from Benaulim beach. Swaying pine trees with a shady place makes this beach perfectly right for family picnics

The exotic white sanded beach attracts tourists mainly foreigners as it is not so much known to Indian tourists.

Again another beach that is peaceful less explored by tourists and considered a lover’s paradise by locals.

Varca beach is basically a fishing village in the salcete taluka of south Goa.

The distance from Margao is 12 plus km which can be covered within an hour and if one is arriving from Panjim then the distance is 45km which can be covered within 1-hour plus.


Goa Beach


Zuri Beach – Goa Beach


A reasonable crowd is visiting this beach in fact not a famous beach since not known to tourists worldwide.

One can find shacks and restaurants here and also a few water sports like boating, surfing, paragliding Jet Ski etc.

I would recommend this beach for honeymoon couples, a romantic-natured beach that is apt for lovers.

It’s a white sanded beach that is secluded and peaceful. Go for it and explore with love.


It’s about 12km from Margao railway station after Varca beach. From Panjim it’s about 46km that will be about 1.5 hours drive via NH66


Goa Beach


Fatrade Beach – Goa Beach


Fatrade beach lies in south Goa about 14km from Margao and about 48km from Panjim city. It is considered one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches containing white sand and swaying coconut trees and incredible sunset.

One of the best things about this beach is the sea floor fall is fairly gradual. So the water is relatively calm and allows you to walk into deeper waters and swim.

For water sports lovers there are Parasailing, Jet-Skiing, Banana Boat rides and Dolphin sightseeing etc.

The beach is a long straight seamless stretch so one can walk up to Varca beach on one side and to Mobor beach on the other side.


Goa Beach


Zalor Beach – Goa Beach


Get away from the hustle and bustles of Goa’s crowded beaches because this beach is meant for the ones who prefer to stay calm and quite on the beach enjoying the beautiful sunset, in short, it’s a lover’s paradise.

It’s an extension of Varca beach that has turquoise water and white stretched sand which is extremely clean and peaceful.

It’s a perfect beach to hang out with families and friends with shacks that provide good seafood.

It is visited mostly by foreigners during the peak season from November to February. 

One can explore some water-sports games at reasonable rates during the off-season. Mind you the rates are much higher during peak season.


Zalor Beach


Carmona Beach – Where is Carmona Beach?


A vast stretch of a beach is mainly used by locals for picnics since it has few pine trees that provide a good shade.

I personally love this beach because it is less crowded and hardly explored. I also make a regular visit in the mornings and evenings to buy fresh fish directly from the fishermen.

The beach is well patrolled by lifeguards to prevent untoward incidences. Good parking space available.

The beach is highly ranked by tourists as the most relaxing that is a fantastic, picturesque, beautiful, soothing and clean beach that has white sand all over with a cool breeze blowing and gushing waves crushing.

Few refer to the beach as “Zalor beach” which is located at a distance of approximately 8km from Margao and less than 4km from Cavelossim beach.


Goa Beach


Cavelossim Beach – Goa Beach


Located 15km from Margao is known for its contrasting black lava rocks and white sand. It is sandwiched between Carmona beach to the north and Mobor beach to the south.

Being peaceful, calm and serene this beach attracts a lot of mixed tourists but major foreign tourists.

Besides comfortably relaxing and swimming on the beach one can also go on dolphin sighting trips in the sea.

Besides, there are some shacks and a lot many restaurants offering a variety of absolutely amazing foods including a variety of sea foods. 

Well, this beach stands out from other beaches in Goa for its unique stretch of white sand that gives an amazing feeling to visitors. 

Enjoy the musical waves that shore up the mood to give a perfect folly to be background music to liven the hearts.


Cavelossim Beach


Mobor Beach – Goa Beach


Just a few meters away from Cavellossim beach one can reach Mobor beach and to be precise around 15mins walk. In fact, it is the part of the same stretch of sandy shoreline that extends within.

The place attracts hordes of tourists every year since most premier star resorts are located at Cavellossim.

It is considered one of the most active beaches in south Goa with star resorts and usual water sports ranging from jet-skiing, parasailing, banana boat rides, bump rides, knee boarding and dolphin sightseeing trips.

One can also enjoy kayaking in the pristine waters of the Arabian Sea at the backwaters of river Sal.


Cavelossim Beach


Betul Beach – Goa Beach


Nearly at the end of an island or at the end of the stretch, it has a unique kind of feature river/creek meeting the ocean.

It’s a hidden gem that is peaceful and serene located next to Mobor beach. 

After parking their vehicles on the main road, one needs to walk for about 5mins to reach the beach. 

Great beach to collect a variety of seashells big or small, watch the fishermen moving on boat rides and local fishing lads all around on the edge of the land fishing the day out.

Carry your own requirements as one cannot find any shacks or restaurants nearby.

Believe me, the water is crystal clear blue tinted, a great beach to take bath. The gradient into the sea is very subtle which makes it safe for a swim. Do keep in mind there might not be any lifeguards around.

It was a thrilling experience to be on this beach and the sunset was simply amazing. The scenic view is awesome from any angle.

The stunning Betul fort is on the southern bank, the calm River Sal flows quietly to meet the sea. A little hill rises in the opposite direction with the Betul lighthouse on top

Watch the fishing trawlers coming into the river and going back to the sea. One can take the Cutbona fishing jetty ride to enjoy the complete view.


Betul Beach


Canaguinim Beach – Goa Beach


It’s a secluded beach that has luxuriant green seashore, a palm-fringed stretch of white sand and hence the main reason to attract picnickers mainly.

Canaguinim beach has some rocks where one can easily bask in the sun and chill.

This beach lies to the south of Betul situated in the Quepem Taluka.

All in all an awesome beach to go undisturbed especially for honeymoon couples therefore, Go for it and explore with love.


Canaguinim Beach


Nuem Beach – Goa Beach


One can easily reach this beach with the help of Google Maps. A beautiful beach located in the quaint village of Nuem. The road to the beach gets very narrow as you approach the beach. 

It’s mainly a fishermen’s beach and not a typical tourist beach where swimming or bathing is not permitted.

Ride a two-wheeler rather than a four-wheeler as there is hardly any parking space around. 

The beach is very peaceful created between the hill and a water lagoon or backwater that connects to the sea.

The beach is very tiny nestled in the seaside hills of south Goa. The water is crystal clear and has aquamarine colour. It’s a photogenic beach hence worth exploring. 


Nuem Beach


Cabo De Rama Beach – How Do You Get to Cabo de Rama?


Picturesque beach with natural beauty and rocky mountains in the background surrounded by tall coconut trees that provide the perfect setup for photo shoots.

The water is greenish blue and crystal clear water but not recommended for swimming due to rocks around.

This beach is located at the end of Cola beach in Canacona. The distance from Panaji is approximately 60km and from Margao approximately 30km.

Cabo De Rama beach is a hidden gem that lies underneath a tall cliff or rather underneath the Cabo De Rama Fort.

The place presents a view of the Arabian Sea and the Goan coastline providing a mesmerizing look from any corner of the fort.


Cabo De Rama Beach

Read the following article on Cabo De Rama Fort.


Kakolem Beach – Is Kakolem Beach Safe?


Do you wish to explore Goa? Then this one is for you. A real adventure beach that is required trekking down the slope.

The beach is also connected to a water spring or a small waterfall that gushes or pushes the water from the hill onto the beach during the rainy season mainly.

The beach is also known as “Tiger Beach” which hides behind the green hills and wild forests of South Goa.

Lesser known beach with the tourists hence a secret beach that needs to be explored. There is no proper road leading to the beach but a tiny path off the main road.


Kakolem Beach

Cola Beach – Why is Cola Beach famous?


About a 2km stretch of golden sanded beach dotted with large volcanic boulders with a backdrop of terraced coconut trees and paddy fields.

The beauty of this beach is it is separated by a salty ocean on one side and a coastal lagoon on the other side.

If you are a nature lover then this beach is for you, it boasts of exceptional natural beauty a real paradise and a hidden gem located in the Canacona area of south Goa.

Landmark – to reach this remote beach from Agonda beach it’s approximately 12km via Palolem beach.

The main attractions of the beach are sailing, kayaking, fishing and boating with just a shack providing refreshments. 


Cola Beach


Agonda Beach – Is Agonda Beach Good?


Agonda is a village located in the Canacona district. The distance from Panjim is approximately 69km and about 15min drive from the popular Palolem beach.

Want to spend time on the beachfront huts? Then this beach is recommended especially for honeymoon couples as one can get away from the chaos and spend quite a time together.

Enjoy the amazing sunset and boat trips at nominal prices avoid if possible on weekends as the beach gets the goodly crowd and the prices will go higher up.


Agonda Beach


Butterfly Beach – What is Special in Butterfly Beach?


It’s an isolated place but the beach is a pure gem. There is no proper designated parking space hence one needs to park anywhere suitable and then walk for about an hour.

The best option is to ride a bike because it will take you closer to the beach. The bike ride is through dense areas as the road is having big pebble stones and hence makes it unsafe.

Carry your own requirements as there is nothing available on the way or on the beach. One cannot find any water sports or sun beds, the only option is the dolphin ride.

Don’t miss the amazing sunset and don’t forget to leave the beach at the earliest convenient. 


Goa Beach

For more details I have a separate article with a video, here is the link

Butterfly Beach – How to Reach Butterfly Beach


Palolem Beach – Goa Beach


This beach is generally famous amongst foreign tourists. The beach is situated in Canacona in southern Goa.

The shoreline is dotted with wooden huts, hillocks, restaurants and swaying palm trees and coconut trees.

The beach is a white sand paradise where one can swim freely. The beach was very popular during the ’70s-’80s and was discovered by the hippies.


Goa Beach

For more details I have a separate article with a video, here is the link

Palolem Beach – Goa


Patnem Beach – Goa Beach


Another slice of paradise is the land of hippies located approximately 45km from Margao before approaching the Palolem beach. The distance between Palolem and Patnem beach will be hardly 2km.

Patnem beach is a haven of natural beauty with golden sand. It’s a stretch of about 1km.

The beach is a popular destination for many tourists as it is gaining in popularity. This beach provides endless opportunities to enjoy such as sightseeing tours, Dolphin rides, basking under the sun, various water sports, and the beautiful sun setting.



Rajbagh Beach – Goa Beach


Around 1km coastline lined up with palm trees together with pine trees. The beach is also known as Raj Baga beach located 4km of south of Palolem Beach

The beach lies adjacent to the Lalit Resort and the Golf Course.

This beach is spotlessly clean with golden sand. There are few shacks and sun beds except water-sports facilities when I visited.

Ideal beach for blissful relaxation with your loved one to enjoy every moment of your time listening to the gushing sea waves hitting the shore.

The Galjibagha river joining the sea is also an amazing experience to watch.


Goa Beach


Talpona Beach – Goa Beach


Do you love complete isolation? Then this is the beach I recommend quite, clean and totally secluded and unspoilt.

It is located in Canacona Taluka to the end of the Goa border after the famous Galgibaga beach.

It is just a long stretch of hardly a kilometre with velvety sand. You will not find any shacks, boats, sun beds and watersports on the beach but before approaching you will find a few Resorts and restaurants.

Just visit the beach and watch the sun go down. Spend time and watch the waves gently hitting the shore and subsiding.

The distance from Palolem beach is about 30mins away and from the Airport it is approximately one hour and forty minutes.   



Galgibaga Beach – Goa Beach


Just a couple of kilometres away you will find the famous Galgibaga pure nature beach. Again it’s a very peaceful and calm beach with no sun beds on the beach.

Don’t visit this beach in hope of expecting to see the turtles although the beach is well known for turtles. The turtles are seen on particular days and times which is mainly at the night.

At one end of the beach towards the south side, the river converges with the sea and this view simply looks amazing.

There are few restaurants and shacks with slow music playing as entertainment is restricted due to the government-set rules.



Tolivia Beach – Goa Beach


Do you love rock climbing? Are you looking forward to an adventurous break?

Then Tolivia beach is for you. It’s a gem hidden surrounded within the lush green hills. To locate and reach the beach is a big hindrance as one needs to hike down the wooden hillocks and bushes.

The beach is just a tiny one surrounded by a very high cliff just like the “Butterfly Beach”

On the beach one can find small crabs hence one is recommended to wear proper shoes.

Mind you, there is no proper guided road to reach this beach hence not recommended for tourists. 

Location: It is located in Canacona south Goa 12km after the very famous Palolem beach.



Polem Beach – Goa Beach


Polem beach is located near to Karnataka-Karwar border and in fact the first beach while entering South Goa from the Karnataka border.

A crescent-shaped beach that is not as popular and hence less crowded. Enjoy the dolphin ride and other water-water sports.

There are many restaurants and shacks on the beach serving good and tasty seafood with lovely cottages.

Location: around 22km drive from the famous Palolem beach.



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