Residents Express Frustration as Power Supply Shutdown

Residents Express Frustration as Power Supply Shutdown Sparks Anger in Navelim and Benaulim

Residents Express Frustration as Power Supply Shutdown Sparks Anger in Navelim and Benaulim


Anger is brewing in the constituencies of Navelim and Benaulim as residents express their discontent over the announced power supply shutdowns.

The villagers of Navelim are highly critical of the electricity department for the prolonged power outages that occurred during recent maintenance work in the South District.

Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Benaulim constituency are voicing their concerns regarding the persistent power issues in the Salcete coastal belt.

They have been experiencing frequent outages and an unstable power supply, which has caused significant inconvenience.

According to the notice issued by the Electricity Department, the power supply will be suspended on June 3 to facilitate maintenance work.

This will affect several areas, including Navelim Church area, Rosary area, Ratwaddo, Tulsi Bungalow area, Navelim market area, Butica, Telaulim panchayat, Diana Soda factory, Nagmoddem ground, Dando, Sinquetim ground area, as well as Woddle-Sinquetim, Firmin, and Tolleband areas.

The residents of Navelim are questioning the timing of the maintenance work and suggesting that it should be better coordinated to minimize disruptions.

Rodney Fernandes, a concerned resident, expressed his disappointment in the lack of planning exhibited by the electricity department.

In Benaulim, local panch members have gathered to address the power situation and are demanding immediate action from the Electricity Department.

The meeting, attended by Benaulim MLA Venzy Viegas, focused on concerns regarding the progress of the underground cabling project and the recent day-long power shutdown.

Local restaurants and hotels have also voiced their grievances, citing significant financial losses due to the unreliable power supply, forcing them to rely on expensive diesel generators.

Dixon Vaz, Cavelossim Sarpanch and hotelier, emphasized the detrimental impact on the tourism industry.

He stressed the urgent need for a dependable power supply and the prioritization of underground cabling to alleviate the ongoing issues.

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